Greg Rayburn, 47, current staff writer for the Sherwood Voice, North Little Rock Times and Jacksonville Patriot. will assumes the position of editor over the three papers this week.

Rayburn resides in Little Rock with his wife of eight years, Luanne. He has two children, a son Gregory, 22; daughter Lydia, 16; and stepdaughter, Jackie McElmurry, 21.

Native of Chester, W. Va., Rayburn graduated from Marshall University in 1987 with a bachelors degree in journalism. Between 1995-2002, he owned and ran his own weekly paper in Hancock County, W. Va. called The Messenger.

“It was a community weekly newspaper similar to what we do now,” Rayburn said.

According to Rayburn, he was a one man show selling advertisement, writing, designing pages, photographing events and even delivering the papers.

It wasn’t until 2005 Rayburn became apart of Central Arkansas Newspapers, when he became the editor for the Sherwood Voice. Unfortunately, in Sept. 2010, Rayburn was let go due to budget cuts. He was then asked in June 2011 to return to the papers as a reporter for the Sherwood Voice, North Little Rock Times and Jacksonville Patriot.

Rayburn said his philosophy on newspapers is to do unto others as you would have done unto you.

“Treat everyone you deal with, the way you would want to be treated,” Rayburn said. “try to give people the type of newspaper they would like to have.”

Despite the new changes happening to the papers, Rayburn view them with a positive outlook.

“I think this is a better change,” Rayburn said. “If the paper is not going to profit, its not going to exist. I think it will help it successfully get through the tremendous change newspapers have gone through since the great recession in 2008.”

As Rayburn steps into his new position this week, he would like to ask readers to help his begin gathering new and event photos to help with coverage of the three areas.

“I would like for readers who want more hometown news in the paper to email me stories and pictures so that I can put out a great newspaper,” Rayburn said. “With their help, it can be done.”

Submit your photos and news for the Jacksonville, Sherwood or North Little Rock papers to