Pavement repairs will require a lane closure on Interstate 40 in North Little Rock, according to Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department officials.

The work will be performed on I-40 at the Young Road Overpass, which is just east of the Crystal Hill overpass at mile marker 149.

On March 7, the overpass was hit by a tractor-trailer, causing extensive damage to the bridge, shoulder and interstate. The shoulder, along with the bridge and guard rails, have been repaired. Work is now focusing on the travel lane.

It will require the westbound outside lane to be closed from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, weather permitting. Crews will continue sawing cuts into the pavement in preparation to remove the damaged sections. The actual removal of those sections and the placement of new steel and concrete will be accomplished in the coming weeks. AHTD will have an update when the work is scheduled.

Traffic will be controlled using warning signs and barrels. Motorists should exercise caution when approaching and traveling through all highway work zones. Additional travel-related information can be found at