Officers on May 30 responded to a disturbance call at 1 Lakewood Drive at about 1:10 a.m. where arrests ensued.

According to a police report filed by Sherwood police officer John Murphy, the early morning call was the second such dispatch in recent times at the address. Upon arrival, police observed several men and women milling around the front yard and three vehicles in front of the residence.

Police spoke with Zaber Coopwood of North Little Rock and William Daniels of Sherwood and observed Coopwood having a small laceration to the left top of his head. Coopwood said that he and Daniels, the current husband of Coopwood’s former wife, had been involved in an altercation and that Daniels struck him on the head, causing the injury.

"While I was gathering Coopwood’s information, Daniels approached and stated that he and Coopwood had been fighting and that that was how Coopwood was injured," Murphy said. "I advised Daniels to step back up to the porch in order to keep the parties separated."

At that time Kenyotta Turner of North Little Rock exited the passenger side of a gray Nissan parked in the street and she began yelling and cursing and Murphy and Daniels.

Murphy told Turner to return to her vehicle until other officers could take her statement but she started yelling and cursing at Murphy and continued stepping toward Daniels.

"I again advised Turner to step back and return to the vehicle but she continued cursing and stepping toward Daniels," Murphy said.

Officer Dale Peters then took Turner into custody on charges of disorderly conduct.

"Officer Peters advised Turner that she was under arrest and she began cursing him and yelling, ‘No, I’m not’!" Murphy reported. "Officer Peters advised Turner to place her purse on the truck of his patrol unit (25) and place her hands behind her back, but Turner wrapped the handle of the purse around her wrist and began flailing at Officer Peters with the purse and her arms. I then moved to assist Officer Peters and after struggling with Turner was able to restrain both hands in handcuffs (single locked) at that time. Turner continued to kick, strike out with her elbows and otherwise struggle with officers as we moved her to my patrol unit."

Officers tried to place Turner into a patrol unit but she continued to kick at officers and flail her elbows and purse.

"As officers attempted to restrain Turner I felt a sharp poke on the leg of my uniform trouser," Murphy said. "I then observed the point of a knife protruding through the side of Turner’s purse which she had been striking at officers with. I snatched the purse and pulled it from Turner’s wrist by breaking the strap free. I then secured the purse and knife in the front seat of my unit and then assisted Officers Peters and Abbott with placing Turner in the back seat."

Coopwood said he brought Turner to the residence to pick up her youngest child. Coopwood said that when Turner arrived she and Daniels began arguing in the front yard.

"Coopwood stated that Daniels then pushed Turner down and Coopwood then exited his vehicle and confronted Daniels. Coopwood stated Daniels began striking him and Coopwood then pulled a flair pistol and fired a flare at Daniels. Coopwood stated they continued fighting until officers began arriving.

Sherwood Fire/Rescue and MEMS personnel arrived at the scene and observed Turner was trying to escape the scene from the right rear window of a police cruiser.

She requested medical attention due to her pregnancy. She was restrained to the MEMS gurney and readied for transport to St. Vincent Medical Center North.

Daniels told police he and Turner had been involved in a verbal disturbance when officers were called to the residence about an hour earlier. Daniels said when Turner returned he confronted her in the front yard.

"Daniels stated Turner became agitated then pulled a stun gun from her purse and attacked him with it," Murphy said.