NORTH LITTLE ROCK — A car that had been reported stolen was found in the Arkansas River on Tuesday.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office reported that a blue vehicle with black racing stripes was discovered in the Arkansas River at Cooks Landing Road.

At about 5:15 a.m., William "Bill" Butler, an on-site park attendant at Cooks Landing, told police he heard a "verbal disturbance" and walked toward the area.

He witnessed a man running from the scene and a car leaving soon after.

He then saw what appeared to be a boat, sinking in the water.

Butler called out to the vehicle only to get no response.

After he called the police, Deputy James Koch arrived, used dive gear to go under water and provided the North Little Rock Police Department with the license plate number. No one was in the vehicle.

The number matched that of Sherwood man’s vehicle, and Sherwood Police were already at the owner’s residence carrying out the stolen vehicle report when the connection was made.