Another step was taken recently by the city of North Little Rock to make the way for more modern school facilities within the community.

The North Little Rock City Council on Nov. 11 voted to vacate and abandoned roadway at 21st and Main Street on property near the North Little Rock High School.

The property is being vacated as the school district is implementing major building construction and renovation plans following voters of property tax increase about two years ago.

The council followed the request of the North Little Rock School District and one of its consultants, Robert M. Brown, of Little Rock. The school district wanted the areas vacated by the city to allow expansion of the high school.

One week following the city council meeting, on March 18, the North Little Rock School Board met in a special board meeting to approve the First Phase of Design Development of the North Little Rock High School.

"Based on NLR subdivision meeting, meetings with you, Roy Andrews and others from the design team, North Little Rock Public Works (Engineering) agrees to the temporary abandonment of all existing utility easements on the property associated with the North Little Rock High School at 21st and Main Street until a final plat is submitted, reviewed and approved," said David C. Wilbourn, a North Little Rock City Engineer. "The final plat shall include all remaining, relocated and new utility easements and structures as part of the new construction of the site."

Micah Edwards, an engineer for CenterPoint Energy, said his company investigated the request for easement abandonments located at the school near West 22nd Street and Main.

"We do not oppose the abandonment for the easement," Edwards said.

CenterPoint Energy gave its endorsement provided the company is allowed access to its existing facilities until they are replaced and abandoned, and as long as the utility is fully reimbursed for the costs required to relocate and abandon facilities that will be in conflict with easements being abandoned.

North Little Rock Electric Senior Distribution Designer Gregory Woodward also signed off on the project.

"The North Little Rock Electric Department agrees to the abandonment of easements and right-of-way areas within the subject property," Woodward said.

In other council business, Mayor Joe Smith and the council were informed that the Rockwater Marina, 1700 River Road, North Little Rock, has applied for a new off premises retail beer permit.

Other liquor permit requests within the city that municipal officials were notified of include Texas Roadhouse, 3601 Warden Road, which has applied for a restaurant mixed drink permit. The restaurant applied for the permit due to there being a change in manager.

According to the Texas Roadhouse’ application, when asked if the restaurant provides any live entertainment, city officials were advised, "Our staff participates in line dancing several times during the shift."

The council and mayor were also advised that the Lucky Mart, 1504 Highway 161, North Little Rock, applied for an off-premises retail beer permit with a change in manager.