While school just resumed for the spring session, construction crews continue to erect new buildings and renovate old ones within the North Little Rock School District. Here are recent updates on the progress of construction projects , which were made possible through the passage of a 7.4-mil school levy adopted about a year ago by North Little Rock School District voters.

High School

Boring operation at the high school is complete. Preparation for demolition of the stadium continues. Abatement on visitor side restrooms is done, and power to the visitor side has been disconnected. Home side bleacher abatement has started on the upper steps. All exterior items and equipment have been relocated, and the turf contractor is preparing to mobilize and start moving rubber pellets.

About 10 days earlier, the stadium was cleared, and abatement was accomplished in preparation for demolition. Turf was taken up beginning the next week. Housing demolition should begin soon on the east side of Main Street for parking. Eventually, 500 spaces will be available on this new lot for students and staff. The district is currently assessing the area to develop a safety lane for pedestrians crossing Main Street.

Meadow Park Elementary

The Bethany storm drainage at Meadow Park is nearly complete. The installation of the storm drainage at Eureka Garden is also nearly complete but is on hold due to the location of existing utilities. The district is currently working with CenterPoint Energy to run the gas line to the building and install the meter — work which will begin once the existing building has been demolished. Roof joists and steel connections are being installed and welded in the entire building, and roof decking has started in all sections of the building.

About 10 days earlier, the foundations were reported complete and all under-slab electrical and plumbing has now been installed. Masonry work has begun, and steel erection continues, with 95 percent complete. Roof joists are being installed, and roof decking has begun.

Boone Park Elementary

Footings in Section B and C at Boone Park are complete, and will soon start in Section D. Electricians and plumbers have started their work under slab. Temporary roads have been installed for easier access to the site.

Electrician and plumber subcontractors have begun under-slab work at the school.

Amboy Elementary

A portion of the concrete curb has been poured at the main entrance of Amboy Elementary, and the retaining wall is being prepared to be constructed. Temporary power has been run throughout the site, and temporary roads are being installed for easier access.

Lakewood Elementary

Excess dirt is being removed from the site at Lakewood Elementary, and temporary power for the site is complete. Installation of roof joists has begun.

Starting about 10 days earlier, foundations were reported to have been 90 percent complete at Lakewood Elementary. Underground plumbing was 100 percent complete, and underground electrical was 90 percent complete. The erecting of the steel structure had also begun.

"Have questions about construction at your school or in your neighborhood? We want to hear from you," said the district’s Director of Facilities Management Gerald Cound. He can be reached at either coundg@nlrsd.org or call 771-8000.