Crime is dropping in North Little Rock.

In 2012, the North Little Rock Police Department saw a drop in crime as compared to 2011.

“Violent crime decreased overall by 11.39 percent. Homicides decreased by 10 percent, along with a 7.5 percent decrease in robberies. Aggravated Assaults decreased by 12.6 percent,” said Sgt. Brian Dedrick, public information officer for the North Little Rock Police Department

Overall crime in North Little Rock decreased 2.5 percent.

While total crime has decreased the department saw an increase in Breaking or Entering to vehicles and Residential Burglaries to buildings.

Dedrick said the department wants the public’s help in fighting crime.

“The North Little Rock Police Department currently has 192 police officers and 36 civilians providing police services for 62,000 citizens. For this to be effective, the community and the police department must work together to reduce crime,” he said.” Together we can make a difference.”

The North Little Rock Police Department would like to remind citizens:

— To report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

— To not only lock vehicles but to remove all valuables. Over 90 percent of thefts from vehicles are a result of doors being left unlocked.

— To record serial numbers on all valuables within their home; including firearms, electronics, and other valuables.

Dedrick said the department tracks the city’s crime trends by using is a software that allows police to look at trends and crimes as they happen.

“The public can also look at by going to the website and typing in their zip code,” Dedrick said. “By using this program it allows us to more efficiently staff especially when we have several crimes in one area.”

Dedrick said the department is utilizing more undercover officers when the city has problem areas and the department has two different burglary squads that work on burglaries and other problems in areas.

“Our Detective Division works closely with Patrol to exchange information every day. Sergeants are sending out any problems they have on shift every day so that the next shift will know about any problems that occurred prior to them coming on shift,” Dedrick said. “The Detective Division has a lot of experienced detectives and has worked a lot of extra hours to reduce our violent crimes and has a very high clearance rate on property crimes.”

He added, “We still are having a problem with citizens leaving their vehicles unsecured and leaving valuables in their vehicle.