North Little Rock

Aggravated robberies

July 11

Three 16-year-old juveniles reported that a 17-year-old male standing about 5’7" inches tried to rob them while in the Summertree/Velvet Ridge area. Nothing was reported stolen.

Keeshawn Bryant, 27, told police said someone tried to rob him with a handgun while he was at 800 N. D St. Nothing was reported stolen.


Angela Gary of North Little Rock said someone stole her purse out of her car while it was parked outside of 505 Kay St. The $20 Alligator skin purse had bank cards and her identification.

Steven Lee, 2312 Lansbrook St., said $150 of damage was done to the back door when someone broke in and upon entry stole a $550 Strum Ruger 9 milimeter semi-automatic handgun.

Levi Tinkle, 5006 Lochridge St., said someone broke into his home and stole a book of checks and deposit slips. Nothing else was reported stolen.

Corey Nelson, 3900 McCain Park, said $20 of damage was caused when someone broke into his home and upon entry stole $250 in cash.

Kimbra Miller, 600 W. L Ave., told police someone broke into her home and stole a $200 washing machine and $200 lawn mower. Damage was also caused, including $100 to an oven door and a hole left in the hallway ceiling.

Jerry Baird Jr., 114 Texas St., said someone broke into his home and stole two weed trimmers worth $250, two cordless drills valued at $200, a 15-gallon air compressor made by Craftsman which cost $250 and a $500 power painter. Police reported no signs of forced entry.

Kimberly Reed, 81 W. 53rd St., said two unknown suspects broke into her home. They were described in their late 40s and mid 20s. Items stolen included two Kenmoore lawnmowers which were worth $220.

Shawn Cullins, 6 Rhodes Ave., said someone broke into his home and stole a $200 Smith and Wesson 12-guage shotgun, $650 47-inch television, $300 Apple Ipad, 120 12-gauge shotgun shells worth $65, and $600 in jewelry, including a wedding band. Entry was gained when someone caused $500 of damage to a sliding glass door pane. The report indicated that there was an additional $250 in costume jewelry stolen.

Kay Clowney, 6 Pine Tree Point, said $200 of damage was caused when someone broke into her home when the exterior door was damaged. A total of $20 in costume jewelry was reported stolen.