North Little Rock


July 20

Frederick Crowe, 4115 Pike Ave., told police someone broke into his home. Upon entry, they had stolen a $100 older model laptop, $30 laptop bag, $237 Emerson flat screen television and paperwork which had his personal information.

Ernie Alonzo, 417 W. Scenic Drive, told police someone stole his $10,000 Cadillac along with $600 in cash. He also had stolen a $600 iPad, a $1,500 check written to himself and two credit cards.

Courtney Daniels, 5400 Summertree Drive, said $50 of damage was done to one of her windows when someone broke into her home. Upon entry, $100 worth of miscellaneous clothing was stolen. Another $50 of damage was done to the bedroom door frame.

Latasha Smith, 6500 Whippoorwhill Lane, said someone broke into her home and upon entry stole a $400 50-inch Panisonic television.

Cynthia Hall, 604 Libby Lane, said an unknown teenager broke into her home. Upon entry, someone stole her $200 Xbox.

Candace Bulkhalter, 714 W. 22nd St., told police $50 of damage was done to her south window when someone broke into her home. Upon entry, she reported stolen a $50 tennis bag, $150 pair of shoes which were Size 11, $300 in cash, an $80 printer and a $100 microwave.

Cricket, 1723 Main St., reported that the business had been burglarized. The store is conducting an inventory but initially discovered that $700 in cash was stolen.

Joe Morgan, 6608 Corsica Drive, reported that his $18,000 Jeep Wrangler had been stolen along with its keys. Other items stolen include his wallet, credit cards and other personal information.

Anthony Conley, 1109 W. Long 17th St., reported his $14,000 Dodge Ram 1500 was stolen. Other missing items include a $200 DVD player and 32-inch Samsung flat screen television. He also reported damage to his home, including $50 to the west facing window and a $25 set of blinds.

Timothy Davidson, 1320 W. 41st St., told police that someone stole his $80 Schwinn bicycle and $250 Craftman push lawn mower. No signs of forced entry were reported by police.

Tiffany Brown, Nicholas Pompa, and Kendra Kannada, 3721 Burks Drive, reported that the home had been broken into. Upon entry, they reported stolen $500 worth of men’s and women’s clothes, a $200 fireproof safe, $500 worth of radio and electronic equipment, $200 game console, $360 in various DVD movies, $180 worth of video games, and a $8,000 2002 Ford Sport.

Roy Skinner, 707 Blossom St., told police $50 of damage was done to his door jam when someone broke in and upon entry stole a $150 stove oven combination, $500 air compressor unit, $40 aluminum shower door and $200 worth of cooper pipes from an air conditioning unit.