North Little Rock

Aggravated robberies

July 22

William Morgan, 60, and Dadrian Ellis, 33, reported they were robbed by someone with a handgun at 3324 Pike Ave. Ellis had his wallet stolen which had his driver’s license and credit cards. The perpetrator had white T-shirt, spandex gloves, a bandana and was described to be an African American male in his mid-20s.


Nita Pettus, 3400 Industrial Center, Unit 29, said someone broke into her home and stole four pictures worth $300, a $1,500 china set, six pairs of Nike shoes valued at $1,200, a $1,000 bedroom set and two sets of patio furniture worth $1,200.

Ruthie Austin, 3400 Industrial Center, Unit 28, reported someone broke into her home and stole $300 worth of camping, hunting and fishing equipment as well as five crystal sets valued at $1,250 and five pictures worth $400.

Evatt Electric of North Little Rock reported someone broke into the business and stole a $700 pack drill with four batteries and numerous other pieces of work equipment worth about $2,000. Entry was gained after $50 of damage was caused to a plywood door.

Joyce Ragan, 3101 Springhill Road, said someone broke into her Dodge Durango and stole a $10 shopping tote bag which had $10 worth of dog treats.

The Glenview Recreation Center, 4800 E. 19th St., reported that $135 worth of chips and sodas were stolen. The chips were contained in small bags.

Kenneth Harris, 1800 Arrowhead St., said $10 of damage was done when someone busted his window screen, gained access to his home and stole a $500 Xbox One unit.

Dawn Brigman, 501 W. 33rd St., said someone broke into her home and upon entry stole her $299 32-inch flat screen Vizio television.

Claire Quinn, 110 Rim Rock Place, said someone broke into her home and stole a $300 Hewlett Packard laptop, $2,100 in assorted jewelry, a $275 Coach purse, $125 wallet, $60 MP3 player, two Victoria Secret pink sweatshirts worth $120 and six Precious Moments collectible figurines valued at $200.

Shelley Shultz, 11020 Frenchmen Loop, said $100 of damage was done to one of her windows when someone broke into her home. Nothing was reported stolen.

IHP Industrial Inc., 10000 Crystal Hill Road, reported to police that $100 of damage was done to the company chain link fence and another $50 of damage when someone cut the padlock in addition to $50 in more damage when a latch was cut to a cargo trailer. According to the police report, the company is conducting an inventory to determine what was stolen.