North Little Rock had its ninth homicide of 2012 Tuesday when Jeffrey Averett, 50, of North Little Rock, turned himself into police at the department’s detectives division, confessing he killed his next door neighbor.

Public information Officer Carmen Hinton said Averett came into the detective’s division at 10 a.m. and confessed to killing Joann Sessler. Averett lives at 116 Latona Lane, Apt. 23, and he told police he killed Sessler, who lives in Apt. 21.

"The suspect is still in custody at the police department," Hinton said. "He is being charged with first-degree murder."

Hinton said the victim had been stabbed several times.

"We are not sure of a motive yet," she said.

Averett turned 50 two days before the homicide.

Averett will be taken to the Pulaski County jail after the department has processed him, Hinton said.