North Little Rock

Aggravated robberies

Feb. 9

Kreston Bolden, 18, and Markelton Williams, 19, told police someone used a handgun to rob them at 1204 Graham Road where Bodlen had $3,000 in money stolen from him, two $600 iPhones and a $300 iPhone 4.

Feb. 10

Jonathan Summons, 30, told police a handgun was used when his $10,000 Chevy Tahoe was stolen at 2127 Main St.

Luis Parrar-Martinez, 46, and Julio Portillo, 48, told police that Parrar-Martinez’s Chevy Malibu was stolen at 135 Marvin St. The men also reported that a wallet and pack of cigarettes were taken.

Feb. 11

Jordan Peterson, 19, told police he was assaulted when someone stole $360 in cash from him at 73 Kings River Road.


Feb. 7

Gladys Arzola, 4301 N. Sycamore St., said $200 of damage was done to her glass window when someone broke into her home where she had $3 in coins stolen.

Maria Jones, 723 W. 22nd St, said someone broke into her home by causing $50 of damage to her northwest window and upon entry she had stolen a $200 19-inch flat screen television, $150 26-inch flat screen television, $900 HP laptop, $400 in children’s clothes, $200 children’s stroller, $20 pack of toilet paper, four-pack of beer, $60 pair of shorts, $150 game console and 20 copies of DVD movies.

Tyler Williams, 2400 McCain Blvd., Apt. 1011, told police someone broke into his apartment and stole 25 polo shirts, 10 pairs of tennis shoes, six pairs of jeans, two pairs of work overalls and miscellaneous pots and pans, resulting in a total loss of $470.

Feb. 8

Brandon Woods, 6012 Nicole St., said $300 of damage was done to his door when someone broke into his home. Nothing was reported missing.

Andre Ferguson, 4417 N. Locust St., said $50 of damage was done to his glass window when someone broke into his home. Nothing was reported stolen.

Feb. 9

Eastern Star Baptist Church, 2700 E. 2nd St., told police $200 of damage was done to one of its windows and office door and upon entry someone stole a cable Internet modem, 10 flashlights, three radios, and 10 safety vests, bring the church’s loss to $800.

Jan Pro, 9632 Maumelle Blvd., told police someone broke the company $100 glass door and upon entry stole a $500 pressure washer.

Feb. 11

James Strassie, 3425 Sevier St., said someone tried to break into his home through the back door. No damage or any stolen property was reported.

Devin Smith, 1512 Flora St., said $50 of damage was done to her door when someone broke in and stole her $100 purse which had $350 in cash.

Marya Holmes, 122 College Park Circle, said $25 of damage was done to her southwest door when someone broke into her home and stole a $1,000 32-inch flat screen television, Nintendo game console and controllers, various adult female clothing and $100 worth of food from her freezer.

Feb. 12

Deshon Carter, 6709 Medford St., said someone broke into his home and stole a $400 Acer laptop, $600 Playstation 3 gaming system and $250 Sony camcorder.

Feb. 13

Heng Lau, 5901 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Apt. B-403, told police someone caused $100 of damage to his window to break into his apartment where he had stolen a $400 Toshiba laptop, $500 Apple iPad and $150 worth of change.