Aggravated robberies

Sept. 16

Laquanda Jones said she was robbed at 2300 Pike Ave. where she had taken $60 in cash, a $40 cell phone and a pack of cigarettes stolen.

Sept. 17

An unidentified person came into the Burger King Restaurant, 11941 Maumelle Blvd., at 9:38 p.m. and took an unknown amount of cash with a handgun.

Sept. 18

Carl Johnson Jr., said someone stole his $18,000 Mazda MZ6 at Lynch Elementary, 5800 Alpha St. The person also stole his wallet and a $100 pair of shoes.

Cana Food Store, 1524 Pike Ave., reported someone came into the business at 11:40 p.m. with a handgun and stole $215 in cash, a $200 cell phone.

Sept. 19

Kristen Higginbotham-Derousse said someone used a knife/cutting instrument when she was robbed at 3901 Highway 161 where she had $56 in cash stolen.

Sept. 20

Police reported an aggravated robbery at 1309 W. 48th St., where someone used a handgun to rob Erick Rivera, Rosalinda Garcia and Jose Aquino who had taken from them $1,500 in cash, $500 cell phone, a Chevrolet Avalanche valued at $7,500, a $500 flat screen television, $200 flat screen television and $100 touch screen cell phone.

Sept. 21

Jennifer Bran told police someone using a handgun robbed her while she was at the Indian Hills Shopping Center, 5929 John F. Kennedy Blvd., and stole her wallet as well as her credit card.


Sept. 14

Jana Holiman, 1603 W. Long 17th St., said someone caused $100 worth of damage to the rear facing north door center panel to gain access and stole a Samsung camcorder.

Roy Sheppard, 408 Lindenhurst Drive, said someone tried to break into his home through the west side carport where a window was broken which resulted in a $60 loss. Nothing was reported missing.

Sept. 15

Brandon Compton, 1217 W. 13th St., said $300 worth of damage was done to the back door and wall in the kitchen when someone broke in and stole a $350 Sony PS3, $350 Ninetendo Xbox 360, $1,000 Sanyo 50-inch television, $400 computer, $300 worth of food from the kitchen, $1,200 worth of clothes from the bedroom and $400 in cash.

Sept. 16

A 15-year-old female juvenile told police someone broke into her home at 2409 W. 16th and stole a $500 flat screen television, two $300 laptop computers, a $100 Xbox 360 and a $50 DVD player.

American Tire Distributors, 1200 E. 12th St., told police $200 worth of damage was done to the front door where a safe was stolen which had $5,182 worth of cash. The safe was valued at $300.

Quick Cash Pawn, 2301 E. Broadway St., said someone stole an electrical meter box and $300 window air conditioning unit.

Sept. 17

Carolyn Brown, 4816 Rogers St., told police $50 of damage was done to the front door jam when someone gained entry and stole her $300 32-inch flat screen television.

Joshua Thomas, 5011 Velvet Ridge St. Apt. AJ-13, said his $100 window was busted by someone breaking in and upon entry he had stolen a $300 game system and $300 worth of Xbox games.

Sept. 18

Mallida Curtrice Webb, 1715 Parker St., said she was assaulted when someone broke into her home at 1715 Parker St. and stole a $30 television set.

Sept. 19

Kristi Dodson, 1702 W. 16th St., said $50 worth of damage was done to a window frame and upon entry someone stole a $149 game console and $75 computer tablet.

Latonya Jennings, 4222 Glenmere St., said $100 worth of damage was done to the door and frame when someone broke in and stole a $750 51-inch flat screen television, $50 Xbox 360 video games and $75 pair of tennis shoes.

Donshell Bowers, 6301 Camp Robinson Road Apt. BFA-141 told police someone broke in and stole a $1,000 flat screen television.

Sept. 20

Shiela Randall, 1500 Allen St., said someone broke in and stole $10 worth of frozen meat.

Earl White, 804 Blossom St., said $200 worth of damage was done to his front door when someone broke in and stole $60 worth of girl shoes,, a $129 cell phone, $200 men’s gold necklace and $160 men’s watch.

Tamara Gotell, 124 Blenden St., said someone broke into her home through a window and stole a $400 desktop computer, $400 laptop computer, $160 DVD player, two flat screen televisions worth $850, two $300 game consoles, $500 worth of DVD movies, a $200 E-book, various clothes, and a $30 recycling bin.