North Little Rock


March 8

Tanya Jewell, 13421 Willow Beach Road, said someone broke in and stole $8,000 worth of women’s jewelry.

Theresa Harris, 1415 W. 9th St., said someone broke her window and upon gaining entry her $700 Panasonic television was stolen.

March 9

Russell Foster, 906 W. 41st St., said someone broke into his home and stole a $200 47-inch flat screen television and a $600 60-inch flat screen television.

Orient Express, 2600 Lakewood Village, said someone stole $60 in various coins. Shards of glass were recovered from the crime scene.

March 10

Chasity Oliver and Felicia Duhart, 113 S. Baldwin St., told police someone broke into the house and stole a $1,500 73-inch flat screen television, $150 pair of shoes, $200 watch, and a $300 semi automatic handgun.

Clarence Allison, 2215 W. 16th St., said $100 of damage was done to the front window when someone broke in and stole a $400 42-inch flat screen television.

March 12

Charlotte Pearson, 4613 Atkins St., said someone broke in and stole a $500 42-inch television and $600 worth of gold bracelets, rope chains and ring bands.

March 13

Adam Reid, 3726 N. Maple St., said someone broke into his home and the deed to the property is missing.

Verizon, 5001 JFK Blvd., reported someone stole $200 in cash and 30 Smart cell phones, resulting in a $24,000 loss.

Aggravated robberies

March 9

Two juveniles, ages 14 and 15, told police someone robbed them at 2947 Lakewood Village and stole two Apple $350 cell phones.

March 10

Rachel Riley, 5061 Velvet Ridge Road, reported someone used a handgun to break into her home and stole a $500 Apple iPhone 4S and a $30 wallet which had $300 in cash.

March 11

Bruce Thompson told police someone robbed him with the use of a handgun at 721 W. 50th St. Nothing was reported stolen.