North Little Rock


April 19

Charles Woods, Betty Smith, and John Faulkner, 6113 Highway 70, reported two men in their 20s and 30s stole their $5,000 GMC Sierra, $4,000 aluminum handicapped ramp, and $50 DVD player.

April 20

Daveon Allen and James Cunningham, 2400 McCain Blvd., Apt. B5-2025, reported someone broke into their home and stole a $300 Xbox 360, $1,630 worth of miscellaneous clothes, $750 47-inch flat screen television, two $2,000 gold tennis bracelets, $200 pair of headphones, another $300 Xbox 360, two mens watches with diamonds and a $400 tablet.

April 21

Franklin Mildred, 3805 Willow Circle, said someone caused $200 of damage to his single pain window to break in and stole a $50 24-inch girl’s bike.

Nancy Bruce, 300 Rose Lane, reported that nothing was taken when someone tried to break into her Dodge Ram.

Joylea George, 2505 W. 58th St., said $100 of damage was done to her door when someone broke in and upon entering they stole a $900 flat screen television.

Aileen Gurley, 2620 E. Washington St., said someone broke into her home and stole a $100 table saw and two $500 42-inch LG televisions.

Micah Hall, 1921 Broken Arrow Drive, said someone broke into his Cadillac Deville and stole a $100 MP3 player and $200 Vizio television.

April 22

George and Paula Gray, 497 Silverwood Trail, said someone caused $100 of damage to their master bedroom window and upon entry they stole a $4,000 60-inch Panasonic television, $4,000 60-inch Plasma television, $300 32-inch LCD television, 14 bottles of beer and two bottles of tea. They also told police the Grays had a city police department uniform stolen valued at $150.

Herbert McDaniel, 1618 N. Sycamore St., said $200 of damage was done to her security door when someone broke in and stole a $700 LCD flat screen television, $40 television remote, and $40 stereo remote.

April 24

Potluck Food Rescue of Arkansas, 621 Broadway St., reported someone broke into their establishment by busting out a double pain window. The Rescue reported that eight checks had been stolen.

Candy Hunter, 12 N. Knights Drive, reported $100 in cash and a $800 50-inch LCD television had been stolen.

Aggravated robbery

April 19

Best Shot Liquor reported that someone came into the establishment to rob it with a handgun. The business reported the loss of $300.

April 20

A 12-year-old boy told police that someone robbed him at 3600 Maple St. and took his $200 Mongoose bicycle and $300 Samsung cell phone.

April 22

A 16-year-old juvenile told police someone robbed 412 Middle St. with the use of a handgun where a $400 55-inch flat screen television was stolen.

April 23

Dollar General, 4129 E. Broadway St., reported a man in his mid-40s robbed the business and took a $12 pair of pants and 13 candles worth 85 cents apiece.