North Little Rock


May 5

King Solomon Baptist Church in North Little Rock reported someone caused $100 of damage to a glass window when they broke in and upon entry stole a $100 cassette box, $100 DVD player, $20 glass coffee pot, $50 cuff links, $100 docking station, $100 stereo speakers, and two $150 walkie talkies.

Zachary Isom, 5000 Alpha St., reported someone broke in and stole a $400 computer, $400 laptop, $300 of cash, $300 in jewelry, $200 of clothing and purses, and $40 in prescription medications.

May 6

Rufus Broner, 4607 Lynn Lane, said someone broke into his home and stole a $350 42-inch flat screen television, $175 24-inch flat screen television, $275 32-inch flat screen television and a $100 Playstation 3 gaming system.

Mid Arkansas Radio Control, 3220 Central Airport Road, reported someone caused $500 of damage to a storage shed door and upon entry stole a $3,000 riding lawn mower, $300 grill, $700 riding mower, $300 weedeater, $150 leaf blower, $150 blower, $300 weed eater, and $3,000 riding lawn mower.

May 7

Leonard Anseaume, 2017 W. 16th St., reported a $20 pad lock was broken when someone gained access to his home and stole $10,000 worth of tools, a $100 grinder, $50 air compressor and a $100 box of copper fittings.

Dickey Stephens Ball Park, 400 W. Broadway St., reported that hundreds of baseball hats were stolen.

Clayton Henderson, 2225 Fendley St., reported $50 of damage was done to his door when someone broke in and stole $250 in cash and about $100 worth of prescription medications.

Doriens CDC and Preschool, 901 Parker St., reported two $100 walkie-talkies were stolen as well as a $400 iPad.

May 9

India Bullock, 2600 Jon Ashley Blvd., said someone broke in and stole a $100 watch, $100 gold ring, $75 wood end table, and $10 glass top table.