North Little Rock


Nov. 29

Randal Garrett, 1804 W. 47th St., said $200 of damage was done to his door when someone broke in and upon entry stole a $800 flat screen television.

Nov. 30

Jimmy Ashley, 4100 E. McCain Blvd., reported someone stole $350 worth of medications and clothes from his duffel bag.

David Aycock, 1220 Graham Road, said someone broke into his home and stole a $1,200 47-inch flat screen television, $300 Xbox and 65 Xbox games worth $1,000.

James and Jean Strawn, 100 Garner St., said $300 of damage was done to their door and frame when someone broke in and stole $2,000 worth of rings and necklaces, a $600 72-inch flat screen television, $400 42-inch flat screen television, $300 vacuum, a $300 acoustic guitar and $200 tool set.

Kristy Williams, 203 W. I Ave., said someone broke into her home and stole 30 pieces of assorted undergarments valued at $75.

Scott Cooper, 5616 Foxboro Drive, reported someone broke into his home and stole a $40 cell phone, $200 worth of assorted jewelry, $500 Wii and assorted games, a $600 Xbox with games and a $300 32-inch flat screen television.

Dec. 3

Demetric Settles, 2104 Main St., said someone broke into his home and stole $1,500 in cash, a $300 flat screen television, $200 video console, $250 laptop computer, and two $30 firearm magazines. Access was gained by damaging two glass windows worth $100.

Dec. 4

Burger King, 11941 Maumelle Blvd., reported a $500 glass door was damaged when someone broke in and stole $1,905.26 in cash.

Dec. 5

J Mart, 1513 E. Washington St., reported $300 of damage was done when someone broke the front glass door to gain entry and stole long style shorts and $50 in cigarettes.

Channette Reed, 706 Gardenia Ave., said someone broke into his home and stole a $90 watch, 20 Oxycotin pills worth $1,000, a $450 32-inch television and $450 60-inch television.

Aggravated robberies

Nov. 29

Hardy Post reported that someone used a handgun to rob the Corner Store Valero, 9600 Arkansas 165 where two cases of beer were stolen, $100 in cash and a $200 cell phone.

Alfred Aquil said she was robbed by an unknown man at 2401 Parker St. where she had $75 in cash and a $15 cell phone stolen.

Dec. 4

Stellas Liquor Store, 4816 E. Broadway St., reported someone used a firearm to try and rob the business. Nothing was reported stolen but left at the scene were broken pieces of dentures, three bullets/BBs, the suspect’s watch, a BB gun, an aluminum baseball bat, a hat, and jacket. The suspect was described as a black male about 69 years old, standing 5’10" and weighing 200 pounds.

Dec. 5

Erica Pierce of Shorter College Gardens, 800 N, Beech St., told police she was assaulted. The unknown perpetrator was described as a 26-year-old black male just under six feet tall and 190 pounds.