North Little Rock


Feb. 14

Camille Mitchell, 613 W. M Ave., reported someone stole a $400 Chrome Book, $500 laptop, a $100 pair of earrings and a $100 wedding ring when her home was burglarized.

Tiffany Williamson, 1506 W. 16th St., said a $2,000 television was stolen when someone broke into her home.

Ralph Jewell, 1509 W. 20th St., said someone broke in to his home and stole a $50 microwave oven and $100 36-inch television.

Feb. 15

First Baptist Church on Main Street reported $20 of damage was caused to the front door when someone broke in and stole a $120 weed eater.

Feb. 17

VIP Auto Group, 2006 Highway 161, reported that the $20 master lock was broken when someone forcible gained entry and upon breaking in stole a $200 shop heater, $100 weed eater, $450 Pepsi machine, $80 post digger hole and $200 aluminum dolly.

Feb. 18

Alicia Carter-Suttles, 2019 Crutcher St., reported $150 of damage was done when someone broke out a window and upon entry stole a $650 Panasonic 32-inch television, $300 Playstation and $500 Wii with 20 games.