Feb. 28

Donna Cooper, 4510 School St., said $50 of damage was done when someone broke into the house by a bedroom window and upon entry stole eight rings worth $4,700, including a $400 wedding band.

Kayla Williford, 901 Nicole St., said someone broke into her home and stole a $600 10-inch flat screen television, $200 Xbox, $600 camera, $200 speaker, $200 in jewelry, a $190 phone, and two pairs of sunglasses worth $350.

Joshua Paulette, 124 Steed Road, said minor damage was done to his back door when someone broke in and stolea $300 .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle, $400 laptop, a $150 12-guage shotgun, $200 .243 bolt action synthetic stock firearm, and a $300 .22 lever action wood grain firearm with scope.

March 5

Michelle Maxwell, 2015 Franklin St., said someone caused $50 of damage to one of her door frames when they broke in and stole a $350 42-inch flat screen television.

Thumesia McCastle, 418 Mills St., said $200 of damage was done to her door when someone broke in and stole $900 in cash.