North Little Rock

Aggravated robberies

June 2

Danny William Patterson, 60, told police he was robbed at 111 W. Persing St., Apt. R-167 where he had $100 in cash stolen.

William Ison, 29, told police he was robbed at 2701 MacArthur Drive where he had $260 in cash stolen. According to the police report, someone used a handgun in the commission of the crime.

A 15-year-old male juvenile told police that he was robbed at 1520 N. Sycamore St. He told police an unknown person stole his $200 Samsung cell phone with ear buds.

Martine DeWayne Simmons, 23, said someone used a firearm to rob him while he was at 2899 E. Washington St. He told police had a pair of paints and shoes stolen from him worth $10 as well as his wallet.

Brandon Turner, 29, told police someone used a handgun to rob him at the Exxon Station, 2623 Main St. An unspecified amount of cash was taken.

Lexus Barton, 20, told police than an unknown man in his early 20s used a handgun to rob her at 4929 Velvet Ridge Road, Apt. AB-23, where a $50 purse was stolen that had $539 worth of cash in it. She also had stolen a $400 Apple iPhone 4.


Jacob Wallace, 8321 Counts Massie Road, said his $10,000 Toyota passenger car had been broken following $100 worth of damage done when one of the windows was broken. Stolen items included his wallet which had his debit cards and Social Security Card.

Larry Rodgers, 2016 Pike Ave., said $100 of damage was done to his wooded door frame and sheet rock when someone broke into his home and upon entry stole two heating and air conditioning units worth a total of $3,000.

Alisa Lyons, 228 Mosley Lane, told police $200 of damage was done to a side door frame when someone broke in and upon entry stole a $150 Sony PS3, $100 Kindle, $100 Nintendo game system and three unknown PS3 games worth a total of $210.

Brandi Pilcher, 715 Rose Lane, told police someone broke into her home and stole two game players valued at $50, two $100 DVD players and two air conditioning units worth $300. Entry was gained when someone caused $100 of damage to the door and door frame.