A 34-year-old Sherwood man was arrested on March 19 on charges of first-degree criminal mischief, theft of property and criminal trespass following the report of a break-in at a North Little Rock Home.

According to a report compiled by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, Shawn Haynie, 213 Pineview Road, Sherwood, was arrested on the charges after deputies were dispatched to 1408 Eureka Gardens Road, North Little Rock.

Deputies were dispatched to the home for a suspicious person call where a property owner, John B. Fausett, had caught someone exiting the crawl space of the house.

"While en-route, communications advised the suspect had now fled from the property owner and had left behind a large backpack with cut off copper pipes in it," reported County Deputy Vernon McNew. "The suspect made it about two blocks north of the incident location before running into a wooded area."

McNew and Lt. Christopher Ameling were first on scene and immediately set up a perimeter and requested Deputy Adam Baker and his K-9 partner to start a track on the suspect. Deputy Baker had already been informed and was in route to the location.

Fausett said the suspect was had been wearing blue jeans and a green sweet shirt but he saw him take the sweatshirt off and was last seen in a white T-top (wife beater) T-shirt.

"The complainant and witnesses said they were sure the suspect was still in the immediate area," McNew said.

While awaiting Baker’s arrival, information was provided to deputies that the suspect had gotten into an old white Chevy truck that had just come into the area and was on Zeigler Road at that moment.

"Deputy Terrell made contact with that truck and learned the occupants were not who we were searching for but, they did tell us who the suspect was," McNew said.

While Deputy Terrell was speaking with the driver, Fausett flagged deputies down and stated Haynie had just walked out of and back into the wooded thicket in-between CM Lane and Umber Lane. Deputies converged on the scene again and Deputy Baker deployed his K-9. Prior to Deputies actually entering the wood line, Haynie gave himself up, telling Baker not to release the dog.

"Shawn Haynie was taken into custody without incident," according to the report.

McNew then responded to the residence where the incident had actually taken placed. He observed a brown cloth jacket lying next to the side of the house and observed numerous pieces of copper piping lying on the ground next to the crawlspace entrance at the rear of the house. There was also a large red nylon bag with cut copper pipe inside it.

Mark Turner and David Allen witnessed Haynie exiting the crawlspace with the pipe and they are the ones who initially gave chase and kept him insight until deputies could arrive, said McNew. They completed written statements forms that were given to Deputy McNew. Investigations Sgt. Brewer was notified and Investigator Charlotte Benson responded to the scene. At that the scene was turned over to Investigator Benson who took possession for the written witness statements. McNew stayed to assist Benson until she had completed processing the scene.

Fausett estimated the cost the damage done by Shawn Haynie to be around $5,000 due to the amount of copper pipe removed and gas line being cut.

"Fausett stated he did not know Haynie and that Haynie did not have permission to be on the property or remove anything from it," according to the report.