Outfielder Drew Heid has had up and down career. Playing his college ball at Gonzaga University, the Washington state native was drafted in the ninth round of the 2010 first-year player draft and since 2012 has bounced back and forth from Triple-A to Double-A and vice versa. In 2012, he experienced A and High A, Double A and Triple A. Heid began the season with the Travelers and was sent up to Salt Lake City after 13 games but rejoined Arkansas on May 23.

What was it like to be called up to Salt Lake City again this year?

It was very, very exciting. They are a great bunch of guys up there and you get the Big League experience. I like to pick their minds, but I had just got engaged last year so that was hard.

What was it like for you coming back down to the Travs after being promoted to Salt Lake City?

They are a great bunch of guys, but it was a battle at Triple A this year. It was a tough league to play up there this year with a lot of good pitchers and hitters.

When are you getting married?

Anne and I are getting married Oct. 18. She’s from Conway, and we’ll live here.

How did you meet?

I came to the Travelers the last week of the season in 2012. She came down with some girlfriends, and we met and hit it off from there.

How do you manage the ups and downs of moving from Double A to Triple A and vice versa?

It’s a difficult task, but I like being around these guys. Every time you move, you have to get used to a new field and new pitchers, and you learn as you go. The experience level at Triple A is quite different, but I just try to be consistent and roll with the pitches.

Will you like living in Central Arkansas?

I’ve been making lots of friends, and the weather is pretty nice. Now, I’ve never experienced the ice storms like you have here. I’m used to more snow. The people around here are really nice.

Besides the Big Leagues, have your goals changed?

I’ll be starting my marriage, and to me that is a job I add on to my regular baseball job. I’ll have to shift things around to work on that.

Have you figured where you will work out?

There are three hitting facilities in the area—one in Conway, Little Rock and Maumelle. I’ve checked all three out and have talked to the kids and the hitting instructors. They have all been very generous and have welcomed me to use their facilities. I told them I would do what I could to help, too.

What do you like to do in the off-season?

I like to do outdoor things like go fishing and just take the dog for a walk. It’s very nice here for me to do those things.