Traveler’s pitcher Brandon Hynick was with three other teams before landing in the Angels’ organization last fall. He was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 8th round in 2006 was traded to the Chicago White Sox in 2009 and then to the Cincinnati Reds in 2011. He went back to the Rockies last year and finished the second half of the season with Tulsa. As of June 16, Hynick owned a 5-3 record with a 3.16 ERA.

What are your thoughts about the many trades of your career?

Trades are good when another team wants you more than the team your with. Each trade was different. The first one was because the other team wanted me. The second one they were finding a place for me. The trade to the Reds was good because I was struggling with the White Sox and needed a change of scenery. It gave me new energy and helped me out.

How did end you up with the Angels?

I was a free agent, and my agent called me in late November and told me I had an offer and that I should take it. I decided to go for it.

You missed the first part of the season with a strained right oblique muscle. Was that hard for you and what happened?

I was throwing long toss just trying to get better and something didn’t feel right. When I first came back (April 24) I was just working on my pitch count. I started with four innings and then five. I believe in playing the hand you are dealt with, and there is no sense in getting down.

What’s your best pitch?

(Smiling) Depends on the day, I’m a strike thrower. My fastball is the best when it’s connecting. My secondary pitch is a changeup.

Any particular game-day routines or superstitions?

I don’t eat very much. I don’t like to pitch with lots of food on my stomach. I used to have some superstitions but as I’ve gotten older I realize it’s all about executing pitches and the game plan.

At 28 years, you are the second-oldest on the team. Any advice for the younger guys?

I’ve been through a lot and like to pass on that knowledge. If I see something, I will say something. But, I like to lead by example and am not always vocal. I could be more vocal.

You are married with a son. Talk about your family?

Shea and I have been married for two and a half years and Hudson turned one June 15. My wife is a pharmacist in Nashville. It’s tough for both of us but for different reasons. She has Hudson by herself, and when she has a bad day she has to do it all by herself. When she complains, I think I’ll take that.

Besides the Big Leagues, what are your goals?

I used to have goals that were stat related, but now it is all about the process. What matters is my next start and going out and pitching well each start.


I would like to say golf, but since Hudson was born I haven’t played because I like to spend time with him. I also like to read and do crossword puzzles.