Leftfielder Drew Heid became the starter after Matt Long was sent to Salt Lake City on May 10. Playing his college ball at Gonzaga University, the Washington state native was drafted in the ninth rough of the 2010 first-year player draft. Currently, Heid is batting .267 with seven doubles, two home runs and eight RBIs.

Why did you choose Gonzaga?

I heard it was a prestigious school, and it was close to home. They gave me a great offer to go there. I had a pretty good career there and had fun.

During the 2011 season, you suffered a broken in your left foot that ended your season. What happened and how did you handle that?

It happened May 5, 2011, and I was swinging at the plate and hit the ball. The doctor gave different explanations and said it could happen running or hitting. It was a tough thing. All the coaches were calling me and being positive and told me to work on my mental part of the game. I was down but in a week or two I came out of it.

Talk about 2012 when you were at High A, sent to AAA, back to High A and then to the Travelers? What was AAA like?

I started off at High A, and then in May went to Salt Lake City for a month. I was at High A another month before one of the guys retired, and I was sent to the Travelers.

AAA for me was a positive thing. I asked the coach what my role was, and he said I was a fill-in guy. He was sorry to say that, so I played a couple times every few days. That was fine with me. It was a good experience especially being around the older guys and was good for me mentally.

So, you’ve had stretches of hitting well and then slumps. How do you handle that?

When I’m not doing too well, I get back into the cages and work on the basics. I try to stay calm and relaxed and share with the other guys. The coaches tell me I’m too hard on myself. It has always been that way for me so I’m trying to work on that. I like to read books and magazine to refresh my mind. I was doing pretty well up until I started.

So what is different?

Before, I was a DH (designated hitter) and the extra outfielder. It different mentally, and I have to go and get after it.

What are your goals besides the Big Leagues?

I want to keep working on my mental game and make my mental game strong. I also want to be one of the best team players. My own personal goal is to have the best batting average on the team.

What do you do during the off-season?

I try to hang with my family as much as I can and go camping and do outdoor stuff. I also play games with my friends online to stay in contact. I’m very proud of the tiny town (Touchet) that I grew up in and call the coaches and wish them good luck.