Chosen the 2010 Gatorade High School Baseball Player of the Year from Cook (Ga.) High School, third baseman Kaleb Cowart was drafted days later in the first round (18th) of the 2010 draft by the Angels. He opted to sign instead of going to Florida State. Considered one of the Angels’ top prospects, Cowart has endured some struggles this year and last year but is making modifications to change that.

A switch-hitter so far during you career, the Angels decided that you should concentrate on just hitting from the left side. How is that going?

I like it and so far so good. You go a couple of days hitting left-handed, and then you face a lefty and hit right-handed. It’s tough to get into a rhythm. I’m naturally right-handed but am right-eye dominant so that’s a good thing.

How do you feel about your career so far?

I think baseball is a game of failure day in and day out. I feel better about it recently. Statistically, I’m having a better year this year than last year, and I’m getting better as a hitter. It’s tough, and you can have a day where you hit the ball, but it is four line drives right at someone. You can never quit and have to believe in yourself. I wish it was different over the last two years, and I was in the Big Leagues all ready. But, there is a right time to get there.

You pitched in high school, and talk is out there you could go back to that. What do you think?

That’s something I can always go back to and was a decent pitcher who could throw hard. Right now, I want to be a hitter.

What was it like winning the Gatorade Player of the Year?

I was surprised. We were taking pictures for the team on my birthday (June 2) and Delino DeShields shows up to present me with the award. I had a really good senior year and knew I won the Player of the Year for the state, but had no idea about the national award.

Days later on June 7, you were drafted by the Angels. What made you sign instead of going to Florida State?

I didn’t sign until August, but my family and I talked about it and thought it would be the better opportunity for me. I can always go back to school. Honestly, I was ready to go to Florida State and had already signed up for classes and had a place to live.

Any superstitions?

The only thing is if I get a hit and have a piece of game I’ll leave it in. I’ll spit it out if don’t (get a hit).

What do you do in the off-season?

I hunt (deer and hogs) and fish (bass and speckled perch). I also work out.

What do like to do during your free time now?

I’ve been fishing here a couple of times, and a couple of guys’ host family has a big lake. I also like to sleep and see a movie.