Signed by the Angels as a free agent on June 20, outfielder Mike Bianucci experienced several different teams before landing with the Travelers. Bianucci started his professional career in the Texas Rangers organization in 2008, and that is where he originally became familiar with the Angels’ front office management. However, he was drafted by the Angels in 2007, but didn’t sign and finished his last year of college at Auburn. Currently, Bianucci is batting .300 and tallied four hits and three RBI in a 9-4 victory June 26 over Midland.

What is your perspective on your career thus far?

Injury-prone. I missed most of last year with injury and have had two hand surgeries. Those were things I just couldn’t control. I just keep going and keep playing.

Take about your many experiences?

At spring training, I asked for my release from the Rangers because I didn’t like what was going on. I then played in Mexico (with Veracruz, Monclova and Yucatan). I knew Scott (Servais, assistant general manager, scouting/player development) from the Rangers and gave him a call to let him know what I was doing, and he was very supportive.

You’ve gone from first base to outfield, back to first and back to playing outfield. Do you like one better?

I played third in college and after injuries (on the team) was moved to outfield. I was drafted as an outfielder but was moved to first base my second year with the Rangers then moved back to the outfield. I’m impartial and don’t like one position better than the other. They both have their level of difficulties and challenges.

You’re known for your homerun power, but have only had one since joining the Travs?

I haven’t adjusted to the pitching yet. It was so much slower in Mexico, and it is faster here.

So what has it been like playing with so many different teams?

It’s been good to get the exposure and adjusting to different teams. Obviously, I’ve built friendships and relationships.

Any game-day routine?

No, I just like to listen to music before the game.

What do you do in the off-season?

I go and play ball and have played in the Dominican Republic. The fans are crazy and let you know when you mess up. It is a pretty country.

What do you do in your spare time?

I hunt and fish and haven’t had a chance to fish here yet but am going to try and do that. My dad owns a gym, so I still work out all the time.

You’ve played at all levels, what’s your take on that and moving up and down?

Once you get to AA, you pretty much are trying for a roster spot. There is not much difference in the talent above, it’s just that there aren’t any roster spots.

Anything else, we might want to know about you?

No, I’m pretty simple.