A barrage of first half three-pointers and dunks by North Little Rock was more than enough for the Charging Wildcats to take down Memphis East in the Battle of the Border in Cirks Arena at Little Rock Hall.

Most of the Wildcats’ (4-1) damage was done by Thomas Alexander and Kevaughn Allen in the first half.

Both Allen and Alexander made four three-pointers in the win. Allen led all scorers with 28 points, despite not playing in the fourth quarter. Alexander had 20 points for the Wildcats. Both had some thunderous dunks in the first half, bringing the home crowd to its feet and keeping the arena buzzing.

"We wanted to come out with a lot of energy and get the crowd behind us," said Rice. "We had a total team effort and were able to do that."

Allen had 20 points at halftime, while Alexander was right behind with 17 points at the break.

"The season is still pretty young, but that’s definitely the best we’ve looked this year," said North Little Rock coach Johnny Rice. "It was pretty hard at halftime to try and find something to get on to them about to do better."

North Little Rock led 47-20 at halftime. They didn’t extend the lead by much in the third quarter, but it was enough to set the clock running at the start of the fourth.

While Allen and Alexander were doing the scoring damage, the Cats had plenty of production from other players as well. Dayshaun Watkins had four steals in the first quarter, and finished his night with nine points, seven steals and three assists. Gary Vines dished out seven assists and grabbed four rebounds in three quarters.

Robert Verges and Terrance Francis each had six points for the Charging Wildcats as well.

Memphis East’s top player Nick King scored 10 points in just over a quarter of work, but sat the remainder of the night with a lingering injury. Jalen Thompson led the Mustangs (0-1) with 15 points.