As North Little Rock begins the second half of its conference schedule, the goal is to take one game at a time.

The Charging Wildcats (17-1) lead the league with their 7-0 mark. However, Coach Johnny Rice knows North Little Rock needs to take one game at a time and be prepared for all the types of team it will face.

"We have to prepare for everyone," Rice said. "Some teams like to slow down the game, and we like to go out and run full court. But, we also have to know how to play that way, too."

Last Tuesday, the Wildcats defeated Mountain Home, 68-40. Mountain Home was never in the game, and it was the first time in a while, Rice was able to play all his players.

"As a coach, I get more nervous for games like that because everyone expects you to win it," Rice said. "Sometimes, it’s hard to get the kids up for a game like that. It was nice to get everyone involved."

Even though, North Little Rock outdistanced Little Rock Central, 67-51, last Friday, Rice said the Charging Wildcats did not play with a sense of urgency. Although they did pick up a win on the road, Rice wasn’t totally happy with the Wildcats’ performance. Throughout most of the contest, Central was able to stay within 10-12 points of North Little Rock. Junior guard Kevaughn Allen led North Little Rock with 25 points, and senior guard Anton Beard chipped in 14 points.

Last Tuesday was open, and Friday, the Charging Wildcats begin the second round of conference play at Cabot. In the first meeting, they won 65-47. In the that contest, Rice said the Panthers stayed with North Little Rock for three quarters as the Wildcats basically only won one period.

"Cabot plays everybody tough," Rice said. "They are very well coached and disciplined."

Tuesday, the Charging Wildcats host West Memphis and won the first meeting, 59-57.