It’s hard to believe that a 42-0 win over a traditional football powerhouse could have disappointment attached to it, but that is the case after North Little Rock’sa 42-0 win over West Memphis.

“Our offensive line didn’t play very well,” Bolding said.

Factor in a defense geared to stop a highly regared running back like Altee Tenpenney, and the result was a stagnant running game.

“Give them (West Memphis) credit,” Bolding said. “They came to stop the run.”

When Peyton Holmes’ long pass to Aaron Adams fell to the turf, it looked as if the Charging Wildcats may have an off night all the way around on offense.

But after the defense held, Adams got another chance and made the most of it.

Bolding lamented missed opportunities on the offensive side of the ball.

“We got the ball in the red zone early in the first half,” Bolding said, “and we didn’t get any points.”

In an effort to show some killer instinct, the Charging Wildcats also pulled off a surprise onside kick, but couldn’t capitalize on that either.

Bolding’s defense and special teams, however, did manage to take up the slack and then some.

Kiante Pearson’s had a fumble return for a TD and an interception return that set up another touchdown. The Charging Wildcats were also able to get a blocked punt.

Bolding emphasised that his team is still striving to be as perfect as possible in every area.

“Not to sound arrogant,” Bolding said, “but we told them we were going to knit pick. When somebody played badly, we were going to call them out.”


One of the quirks to North Little Rock’s new conference alignment is a couple of newer opponents. While West Memphis was one, the Charging WIldcats get a look at another unfamiliar foe this week at Jonesboro.

The Charging Wildcats are staring at what could be the biggest regular season game of their season on the road and defending against probably the best back they have seen all season outside of their own backfield in Martin Stafford.

“He’s a good one,” said Bolding. “They are a well coached team and we respect them and what Coach (Randy) Coleman are doing over there.”

Bolding said that Friday’s game is the type of game his team and his coaching staff have prepared for all season and beyond.

“It’s why we played the Bentonvilles, the Lonviews,” Bolding said. “Friday night could be for a conference championship and we are going to be ready.”

Even though Jonesboro head coach Randy Coleman may not have had North Little Rock in the forefront of his mind before his season opener agianst Greene County Tech on Aug. 28, the Charging Wildcats were at least part of his thoughts during an interview on a morning show on Jonesboro’s 103.9 The Game.

“We have to play (running back Altee) Tenpenney and the other 11 college football players on that team,” said Coleman.

Bolding understands that the Hurricanes are looking at Friday the same way, and has realized all season that his team has had the target on their backs.

“They are looking for us,” Bolding said.

The Charging Wildcats will have to play better offensively after Bolding said he was “disappointed” in missed opportunities.

Short of a playoff game, Friday looms large — for both teams.