The North Little Rock Charging Wildcats have had a lot of issues this season. Most of them have been medical.

After a fast start to the season, and a nail-biting loss to South Panola, Miss., the Charging Wildcats have had to reload at times in certain spots.

Coach Brad Bolding said that seven of his players have ended their seasons this year due to knee injuries requiring surgery. One of the early casualties was Juan Day in Week three at Pine Bluff.

But one thing that Bolding has enjoyed is the depth of his squad. Xavier Crosby and Deion Tidwell have stepped in for the Charging Wildcats in the backfield along with Briton Taylor. They along with the likes of K.J. Hill whose star is quickly rising, and the quarterback play of Heath Lamb is keeping the machine rolling.

"We’ve got a lot of guys that have stepped up and contributed," Bolding said. "We emphasize to each and every one of them to just be better this week than they were last week."

The Charging Wildcats got off to a bit of a slow start on Friday, but racked up more than 500 yards of total offense in a 30-6 win.

Bolding said the issues that popped up in the first half appeared to have gotten better in the second, and should be taken care of this week when the Charging Wildcats take on Searcy, a team Bolding says isn’t just a speed bump.

"They have some athletes and they are well coached," Bolding said. "We don’t just look at the record. They’ve had some turnovers in some games. Make no mistake, they are a good team."

The Charging Wildcats had some problems with the shotgun snap last week that even dated back to their trip to West Memphis.

"I think it was mostly a mental thing," Bolding said. "But I think we have it corrected and I don’t see it being a problem going into Searcy."

The Charging Wildcats are 4-2, 2-1 going into a stretch that looks on paper to be a little easier than some of the previous six, which is something else Bolding cautions against, and reiterates the team’s focus on getting themselves better.

That task continues this week against Searcy.