To say that they harp on the details could be considered to be a gross understatement.

After Monday’s scrimmage against Conway, North Little Rock coach Brad Bolding may not believe it’s enough.

Scoring not an issue, Bolding was a little less than pleased with some of the areas of his team’s performance.

"We never scrimmage very good," Bolding said. "We haven’t scrimmaged good since I’ve been here."

The Charging Wildcats gave no time to countering the Wampus Cats, only working on their own fundamentals and execution on both sides of the football.

"What we are wanting to see is ball security, effort, how we are coming off the football," Bolding said. "Your basic stuff of football. We want to see what we are missing, what we don’t have fixed at this point."

Bolding said he has stuff to fix.

"We had some fumbles last night," Bolding said. "I didn’t think our effort level was there."

The offense was as basic as it gets.

"We didn’t do much," Bolding said. "We didn’t show much."

The focus is game one at home against Lake Hamilton on Sept. 6, and Bolding has issues to address.

"We had some issues with personnel groupings, and getting players in and out," Bolding said. "We burned two timeouts in the first three or four minutes of the game."

Defensive line coming off blocks is an area that Bolding said will be addressed plus the play linebackers must be better.

The Charging Wildcats’ demeanor took Bolding a bit aback as well.

"I thought we showed a little nervousness," Bolding said, "which surprised me."

Bolding has and will continue to turn toward his senior class led by seven captains to tighten up internally.

"We talk to them on a daily basis," Bolding said. "We want to make (leadership) a lifestyle."

The good news is that it can be repaired.

"It’s all fixable," Bolding said. "We can get it worked out and we are going to continue to focus on Lake Hamilton."

Bolding emphasized that despite the offseason attention, his team hasn’t proven anything.

"At the end of the day, this team has done nothing," Bolding said. "They’ve proven nothing to nobody and we aren’t living in the past, and our goal is to be better than we were last year."

In order to achieve that goal, fixing the little things is critical in Bolding’s mind.

The Charging Wildcats are a little more than a week before their first test.