The North Little Rock Lady Charging Wildcats earned a ring when they won the 2013 7A state softball championship, but they still have to pay for it.

The Wildcat Foundation announced this week that opportunities are being afforded to the community to sponsor a championship ring for the North Little Rock Softball team.

North Little Rock head coach Anthony Cantrell said the design in nearly complete and "looks great."

Each varsity player and coach will receive a ring to commemorate the accomplishment of the state championship.

The cost of each ring is $225 and sponsorships can be purchased at

Cantrell said donations have already been collected.

"We’ve gotten a few sponsorships already," Cantrell said.

Cantrell added that while the $225 sponsorship donation is ideal, the foundation would appreciate any type of monetary donation to go toward the purchase of the state championship rings.

Those wishing to donate by check via mail can do so by mailing their check to The Wildcat Foundation, P.O. Box 94926, North Little Rock, AR 72190. Those using this means of donation will receive confirmation through the mail of your contribution.

The Lady Charging Wildcats defeated Rogers 10-0 in Fayetteville last month.