They’ve been given their information. They’ve practiced. They’ve worked individually and as a team. Now it’s time for the North Little Rock volleyball team to take their test.

Lady Charging Wildcats’ coach Leslie Joshua is itching to administer that first test.

"I’m ready," Joshua said. "We just won’t know much until we play."

The Lady Cats will see Conway twice, once in a scrimmage on the road and once in the season opener at home later next week. The Lady Wampus Cats are not unfamiliar at all having been conference mates until the current classification cycle.

Joshua and her team got a look at Conway during a jamboree at Benton where Conway won and North Little Rock came in third out of dozen teams that participated.

North Little Rock, who Joshua has said has "grown up a lot", has been working lately to build up their team strength which is according to Joshua, their passing.

"We can pass it and we can dig it," Joshua said, "that’s what we do best. If we do those things to our capability, we are going to win games."

North Little Rock doesn’t have much tune-up time to get ready for the 7A/6A-East. Conway and Mount St. Mary’s are the bulk of the nonconference schedule. But that doesn’t bother Joshua. She doesn’t categorize games when her team takes the floor.

"I want to win them all," Joshua said. "I don’t look at it as a conference or non-conference game. I just want to win."

Joshua said it’s tough to tell what to expect out of her team since there hasn’t been a lot of game-like competition. The tests, however, are coming quickly.

"We’ll know more after the test," Joshua said.