We are young.

It’s not just a line in a Pat Benatar song, but it could be the motto of the North Little Rock Lady Charging Wildcats’ volleyball team.

"I didn’t realize that not one of our starters has played varsity (volleyball)," North Little Rock coach Leslie Joshua said.

Tuesday’s three set sweep from Conway represented Joshua’s first foray into varsity competition as well.

"We are growing up together," Joshua said.

The glaring issue for Joshua on Tuesday was defense.

"Keeping the intensity up and being prepared," Joshua said.

Joshua said there was no give up in her team despite the lackluster performance.

"It’s going to come," Joshua said. "We aren’t giving up by any means. We did play better the second time against Conway."

When pressed, Joshua couldn’t think of a good point from Tuesday’s loss.

"I think that fear of it being Conway," Joshua said, "and they didn’t play up to their potential, and I know they can do better than what they did last night."

Joshua said her first order of business was urging her team to walk on the floor believing they are going to win.

A Thursday game at Mt. St. Mary’s on the road is the next chance that Joshua will get to put Conway out of their mind and focus on what’s ahead.

They’ve seen Conway three times, once on the sidelines and twice across the net. Time to put Conway to bed for good.