No points were kept at the Central Arkansas Swim League annual Meet of Champions, but that did not stop the Sherwood Sharks from turning in a dominating performance, especially among the younger swimmers.

Two of the five winning relay teams, both in the 9-10 age division, set records. The boys team of Vincent Jaworski, Nicholas Heye, Kendall Pickett and Joseph Potts set the mark at 59.29 seconds and the girls team of Adrienne Robinson, Alaya Smith, Maycee Broadway and Anna Jaworski created the new standard at 60.30 seconds.

Girls teams won two other relay events – the 6-under team of Lorien McCulloch, Olivia Dunn, Skylee Hartley and Madelynn Morrow won as did the 7-8 division unit of Alyssa Riley, Morgan Mitchell, Pierson Richart and Carly Morrow.

The boys 7-8 team of Joshua Robinson, Blane Godbee, Brock Godbee and Dillon Wood also won.

Also setting records were Joseph Potts, who owns records in the freestyle in younger age groups, in the 9-10 butterfly with a time of 33.36.

Madelynn Morrow, girls 6-under set the meet record with time of 24.29 in the butterfly.

The younger swimmers also turned in a big day in the individual medley — where swimmers use all four strokes in a 100-yard race. In boys 8-under, Dillon Wood was first with Blane Godbee second and Brock Godbee fourth. In girls 8-under, Alyssa Riley won, Carly Morrow was fourth and Pierson, fifth.

Joseph Potts, won boys 9-10 and Nicholas Heye was second and Vincent Jaworski third. Anna Jaworski, won girls 9-10, Alaya Smith second and Adrienee Robinson third.

Other top gold-level finishes:

Boys 6-under

Michael Potts, won backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, and was second in gold freestyle; Maddox McCrory, fourth freestyle.

Girls 6-under

Madelynn Morrow, won butterfly and breaststroke, third freestyle, second backstroke; Lorien McCullough, fourth butterfly, fifth freestyle.

Boys 7-8

Dillon Wood, won freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and second backstroke;

Blane Godbee won backstroke; Brock Godbee, second breaststroke; Joshua Robinson fifth freestyle.

Girls 7-8

Pierson Richart, won breaststroke, second freestyle, fifth backstroke and butterfly; Carly Morrow, won backstroke, third breaststroke, fourth butterfly; Alyssa Riley, fourth backstroke, second breaststroke, third butterfly; and Michele Potts, fifth breaststroke

Boys 9-10

Joseph Potts, won freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and fourth breaststroke; Vincent Jaworski, second freestyle, fifth breaststroke, fourth butterfly; Nicholas Heye, won breaststroke, fourth freestyle and backstroke

Girls 9-10

Anna Jaworski, won freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly

Adrienne Robinson, secnod freestyle, third butterfly, fourth backstroke

Alaya Smith, second backstroke, butterfly and third breaststroke

Kayla White, fifth backstroke and breaststroke

Boys 11-12

Brendan Daugherty, second freestyle and breaststroke; third backstroke and butterfly; Carson Traynor, fifth backstroke; Tristen Bowen, fourth breaststroke and fifth butterfly; John Kennedy, fifth breaststroke.

Girls 11-12

Brianna Hanley third freestyle, second backstroke and butterfly, fourth breaststroke and third breaststroke; Cross Engel, fifth freestyle, third backstroke, second breaststroke and fourth butterfly.

Boys 13-14

Thomas Heye, won freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, second breaststroke; Jayson Simmons won butterfly, fourth freestyle, backstroke, fourth and breaststroke; Josh Hale, fifth freestyle, third breaststroke, fourth butterfly;

Mason Graves fifth backstroke

Girls 13-14

Erin Woodward, fifth freestyle, fourth backstroke, fourth breaststroke, third IM.

Boys 15-18

Quanderrius Doss, fourth freestyle, fifth breaststroke; Austin Clay, fifth backstroke; D’Lo Chism, fourth breaststroke

Girls 15-18

Alex Tessman, fifth breaststroke.