The Sherwood Sharks, league champions since 2004, continued to dominate the Central Arkansas Swim League with 915.5 points to just 480.5 for the Maumelle Marlins on Saturday in Maumelle.

They dominated all the events, including the 100-yard individual medley, where swimmers have to perform four strokes. Dillon Wood, won the 8-under race and Blane Goodee was second. Nicholas Heye won boys 9-10 IM, and Vicent Jaworski was second. In boys 11-12, Brendan Daugherty was second and Tristen Brown third.

Josh Hale won boys 13-14 and Mason Gates was third. Austin Clay was second in 15-18 and D Lo Chism third.

Pierson Richard won girls 8-under. Anna Jaworski was first, Aylana Smith second and Adrienne Robinson third in 9-10. Brianna Hanley was second and Cross Engel third in 11-12. Delaney Haralson won 13-14 and Erin Woodward was second.

The Sharks close the regular season with Cabot at home on Saturday. The Meet of Champions is Saturday, July 21 at UALR.

Here are other gold level races winners:

Boys 6-under

Michael Potts won butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke and second in freestyle.

Boys 7-8

Dillon Wood won freestyle, backstroke and butterfly; Blane Godbee, second backstroke and third freestyle; Brock Godbee, third backstroke.

Girls 6-under

Madelynn Morrow won freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke and was second in backstroke; Lorien McCulloch, second freestyle and third backstroke

Girls 7-8

Carly Morrow won freestyle and breaststroke and was second in butterfly; Alyssa Riley won butterfly and was second in freestyle; Amelia Allgood, second backstroke, third freestyle and third butterfly; Camryn Jenkins won backstroke; Pierson Richard, second breaststroke; Michelle Potts, third breaststroke

Boys 9-10

Joseph Potts, won freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and was second in breaststroke; Vincent Jaworski, second freestyle and butterfly; Nicholas Heye, won breaststroke and was third in freestyle and butterfly.

Boys 11-12

Brendan Daugherty won freestyle and butterfly was second in backstroke; Tirsten Bowen, third butterfly, and second breaststroke; Carson Taylor, third backstroke; Ian Heye, third breaststroke

Girls 9-10

Anna Jaworski won freestyle and butterfly and was second in breaststroke; Alaya Smith, won breaststroke and second butterfly; Adrienne Robinson, third freestyle and third breaststroke; Madison Curl, third in backstroke.

Girls 11-12

Shea Copeland won breaststroke; Brianna Hanley, second freestyle and butterfly; Cross Engel, third freestyle and backstroke, and second in breaststroke; Camryn Jenkins, third butterfly’ Brianna Hanley, second backstroke; Tatum Stanley, third breaststroke

Boys 13-14

Josh Hale, first butterfly and second backstroke and freestyle; Kel Gist, third freestyle and breaststroke;

Thomas Heye won backstroke and breaststroke; Richard Buzzita, second breaststroke.

Boys 15-18

Quanderrius Doss, won butterfly, second freestyle; Austin Clay, second butterfly and third in breaststroke and freestyle; Liam Randleas, third butterfly and second backstroke; D Lo Chism, second breaststroke.

Girls 13-14

Delaney Haralson, first freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke; Erin Woodward, won backstroke and was second freestyle and butterfly.

Girls 15-18

Leila Kerr, second breaststroke; Kimmie Croson, third breaststroke.