The Lakewood Waves faced an uphill battle against the number of athletes of the Sherwood Sharks in their meet on Saturday. It did not help that some of the top Lakewood swimmers were missing.

The Waves did score 124 points in the meet.

Morgan Smiatek, girls 11-12, was third in gold freestyle, individual medley and breaststroke; Hayden Depriest, boys 13-14, third in gold freestyle and a bronze second. Sarah Marlin posted a gold third in breaststroke. Smiatek also had a fourth in the backstroke.

Broderick McGee, 15-18, won three silver-level races and Brendan Midkiff, boys 13-14, won silver freestyle, and a pair of silver seconds.

Mikey Milligan, Cameron Bethell, Emily Marlin and Joshua Landers all scored silver points.

Cameron Bethell won three bronze races and Auora King, Brooke Bethel, Chloe Festervand, Kolton Jones and Elliot Lebeau all won bronze races.

Others who scored bronze points were Justice Austin, Joshua King, Hannah Haskins, Grayson Wilson, Tristan Taylor, Carrie Crump, Josie Cochran, Joshua Landers, Sidney Scott, Jordon Woodworth and Andrew Stuff.

There is no meet this weekend.