The boys 12-under freestyle relay captured first as the Lakewood Waves tied for second in a three-team meet at the Lakewood pool.

The team of Thomas Gerson, Lawrence Gerson, Elliot LeBeau and Grant Smith bested teams from Saline County and Conway to win the race. It was the only relay victory for Lakewood, which tied Conway with 227 points. Saline County won the meet with 706 points.

Top individual performers include Kristina Games in girls 7-8 who won freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly.

In boys 7-8, Peyton Price won gold backstroke, was second in the butterfly and third in freestyle. He was also second in silver breaststroke. Grant Smith, boys 11-12, was second in gold freestyle, and won silver backstroke and butterfly. Mason Sanders, boys 13-14, second gold backstroke and third in freestyle. Hayden Depriest, second in gold freestyle

Morgan Smiatek, girls 11-12, was second in gold breaststroke and individual medley. Sarah Marlin, girls 9-10, was second in gold freestyle and butterfly, and second in silver backstroke and IM

Other scoring finishes:

Boys 7-8

Mikey Milligan, won silver backstroke and was second in the freestyle; Joshua King, first bronze freestyle; Tristian Taylor, won bronze breaststroke

Girls 6-under

Jazmine Spencer, third in bronze freestyle.

Boys 9-10

Thomas Gerson, won silver breaststroke and butterfly and was second in butterfly and freestyle; Caleb Hoskins, second in backstroke and freestyle; Kolton Jones, second in bronze freestyle; Elliot LaBeau, won bronze breaststroke.

Boys 11-12

Lawrence Gerson, won silver IM, second in butterfly and third in freestyle. He won bronze backstroke; Luke King, second bronze freestyle; Kylon McCullough, third bronze breaststroke.

Girls 9-10

Aurora King, third in silver breaststroke; Elizabeth Colburn, third in bronze breaststroke.

Girls 11-12

Cameron Bethel, won silver freestyle; Emily Marlin second silver freestyle and breaststroke; Justice Austin, third in silver freestyle; Sydney Scott, second silver backstroke; Carrie Crump, third bronze IM.

Boys 15-18

Ethan Luten, won silver freestyle, was second in backstroke and third in bronze breaststroke; Broderick McGee second silver freestyle, and third in backstroke and IM; Joshua Landers third in silver freestyle and breaststroke; Andrew Stuff, won bronze backstroke and second in freestyle.