North Little Rock


Nov. 1

David Bettis, 823 W. 44th St., reported someone broke into his home and stole $450 in cash.

Nov. 5

Rickey and Gwinzy Franklin, 4505 Rogers St., told police someone caused $1,700 of damage to the headboard and bed frame when their home was broke into and upon entry someone stole a $200 Wii, $250 Playstation, $1,700 laptop and $403 tablet. A total of $100 of damage was done to a window.

Starlite Dinner, 250 E. Military Drive, reported someone broke into the business and stole $20 of change and a $250 register.

Tommy Eanes Building Company, 7112 Scott Haven Drive, reported that $1,000 in assorted electrical wires was stolen while $20 of damage was done when a hole was placed in sheet rock.

Nov. 6

Steven Lee, 2312 Lansbrooke Lane, told police someone broke into his home but nothing was reported stolen.

Nov. 7

Thomasena Easter, 201 Water St., reported someone stole a washing machine and dryer, both valued at $100.

Nov. 8

Guarionex DeCastro, 2800 John Ashley Drive, reported $200 of copper wire was stolen when someone gained access to his property with the use of a crow bar.

Tommie Hankins, 4107 Lochridge Drive, reported someone broke into his home and stole a $2,850 2003 Kawkasaski 650 motorcycle.

Aggravated robberies

Nov. 1

Taco Bell, 11525 Maumelle Blvd., reported someone came into the business with a handgun and stole a small amount of money and a $600 Apple iPhone.

Nov. 2

Angela Koenig told police someone robbed her at 808 W. 44th St. Nothing was reported stolen.

Nov. 3

Espy Felts Jr. told police he was robbed at 1112 W. 41st St. where he had a flip phone, $80 pair of sunglasses, a $25 pocket knife, and a $30 Navy Zippo lighter stolen.