Facebook broke the news that Nashville Rockin’ Grill ain’t rockin’ any more. I went by there this week and there is a sign on the door that says they are moving to Fayetteville. The big bull and antique car are gone.

And there was a Facebook post on the community page “ All About Town” by Anndrea Wyrick:

“Hello everyone. Reading each of your comments has been extremely insightful. I want to let all of you know that my family and I bought Nashville Bar and Grill and will be turning it into GiGi’s Soul Cafe & Lounge. Our restaurant will have excellent soul food and BBQ and it will be known for the great food and live music we will have in the house.

“We are shutting down until July 27th to remodel and hire staff. Once our doors open, I can guarantee you that GiGi’s will NOT resemble Nashville in any way shape or form. I have heard nothing but negative reviews about Nashville and it is mind blowing being that the establishment is so beautiful.

“We will take great care of it I promise you. The feel of the place will be that of an old school rhythm and blues and jazz bar and restaurant. From the music to the décor, it will be a throw back to the days when music meant something. We have employed an executive chef who will make sure the cuisine is amazing!! I look forward to personally meeting each and every one of you once our doors open. You can rest assured that this time you will enjoy the experience!!!”

I talked to Ms. Wyrick after I saw the post and she indeed confirmed that she and her family had bought the restaurant for what she called a very good price. She also realizes the challenge they face to turn around a place that has achieved one of the most negative reputations of any restaurant around. But she has a plan.

She said they will serve soul food. Comfort food. Smothered chicken, smothered oxtail, greens, smoked meats, potato salad, cornbread and so forth. They will continue having a full bar and, when the sun goes down, they will become the Blue Candle Lounge, which will feature soul and jazz acts and an occasional “spoken word” night. One act she mentioned was Rodney Block, a terrific local jazz trumpet player. The restaurant is named after her 87-year-old grandmother, who is the inspiration for the menu.

She went on to say that will be working tirelessly between now and the opening date and that the restaurant will use real knives, forks and spoons — unlike the previous owner who chose plastic cutlery. More to come after they open.

Best of luck Gigi’s. Welcome to Maumelle.

Voters say ok to school millage but most stay home

It was encouraging to see that Pulaski County voters approved the continuation of a 14.8 mills tax for 13 years to basically rebuild Sylvan Hills High School and double its capacity. The vote was decisive, nearly a 2 to 1 margin. The discouraging thing about the election is that only a paltry 5 percent of the eligible voters even bothered to exercise their freedom. The silly thing about the election is that Maumelle used three polling places including the entire gym at the community center. With a little planning, all precincts could have been combined into one small polling place and those kids with nothing to do could have played basketball. Waste of money and resources.

She cut off her own head

Comedian Kathy Griffin got what she asked for when she posed holding a replica of President Donald Trump’s bloody severed head. She got a lot of attention. But I don’t think she anticipated that the attention would be almost uniformly negative. Griffin, who has made a career of making shocking statements with unfiltered banter, is now struggling to find someone to blame other than herself. I recall when she won an Emmy and the final phrase of her acceptance speech was, “Suck it, Jesus.” Payback is hell.

Mr. Willie stars at Wal-Mart meeting

Our own Mr. Willie, who greets customers with a sonorous blast of “All right now!” or with his signature “Bam!” fist bump was featured at the annual Wal-Mart meeting in Fayetteville last week. He was chosen to take the big stage and introduce the CEO of Wal-Mart. Catch Mr. Willie in person at the Maumelle Boulevard Wal-Mart. Bam!

Good Afternoon, Arkansas

KATV announced that the ABC affiliate and longtime market leader will introduce a live afternoon news, talk and lifestyle format airing at 3 p.m. starting on September 4. It reminds me of a hundred years ago when Channel 7 aired a show at noon called the “The Vic Ames Show” featuring the Ames Brother singer and Vic Schedler. A host for the new show has not been named.

Countdown to calories

It almost appears that Sonic and Chik-Fil-A are racing to see who can finish their new building first. Both buildings are going up pretty quickly and should be open in the fall.

See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore is a public relations and advertising consultant and freelance writer. If you have a community concern, news tip or if you’re just irritated about something, contact him at neal.moore@sbcglobal.net. Follow him on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, @kneelmore.