I am a long time economic, chamber, and non profit executive with emphasis in homeless housing, battered sheltering, and veterans advocacy. I have also been a loud supporter of this in Arkansas, Florida, and Missouri for many years. I was a Christian Conservative Republican news talk host on the air in the 1990’s. Way before it was popular to be one. So I am not a Liberal Socialist Democrat tax and spend free program supporter. You are correct in using some of our old adages in talking to the various groups about the Internet, online, and shop at home tax idea. If you don’t shop local you’ll have nowhere local to shop. Who supports the local churches, ball teams and schools? Who works with the local homeless, battered and veterans? Who is there locally when somebodies house burns, a tornado hits, or an illness spreads? Who hires, volunteers and invests in your friends, family and neighbors? Not Amazon, Wayfair, or Overstock et al. Your local businesses and most of them are small ones, that’s who. I don’t shop let alone buy from QVC, HSN, Shop at home etc. for this reason alone. When I hear people say that shipping, postage, or taxes are free. I tell them, no it isn’t. It is included in the price. Ups, Fed ex, and the Post office get their money from somewhere, you. People want good schools, police, fire, water, sewer, trash, cable, telephone, electric, gas, roads etc. But many don’t want to pay for them. It is not fair to local mom and pop brick and mortar businesses to have to charge the taxes but online ones not having too. It makes an already un level playing field even more so for or friends. Do I think that in theory we are already overall taxed enough? Yes. But I like the taxes that I can see working in action locally more than the ones that go to Washington and stay. That’s like your internet purchases money today. None of it comes back to us. Shop local, buy local and keep you jobs, taxes and money working close to home. We use the city, county, state plan. If you still must shop online and close local businesses, where will we get the tax base money to keep our public services working and improving? If we collect less locally we need more from these large corporations.


Barry Sellers IOM, EDI, CDI


Sellers Marketing PR Inc.

Sherwood, Jonesboro, Hardy