After serving only two years as the Maumelle city attorney, Caleb Norris is considering running for mayor of Maumelle. At the same time, the incumbent, Mike Watson, has not made a commitment to run. Will it be a two-person race? We sideliners certainly hope so. Here’s what Norris had to say about the possibility:

“The election for City positions is still over a year away. After the presidential campaign we all suffered last year, I was hoping that we could go a full year without any campaigns. Nonetheless, in response to your inquiries, I assured you that I would be running for a position with the City. I have been tremendously honored to serve the community as Maumelle City Attorney and would be equally honored to serve in this position for another term.

“I have, however, been in discussions with friends and family about a possible run for Mayor in 2018, but there is still much up in the air about next year’s election, including whether Mayor Watson will run for re-election. For now, my focus is to be the best City Attorney I can be. Let’s please not force an artificially early campaign season, Norris added.”

Campaigns start when you start talking about it, Mr. Norris.

I believe Watson will run because he told me only a few weeks ago that there are projects that he would like to see finished. The most visible is obviously the exchange — the magical third entrance. Mayor Watson is an infrastructure-focused mayor and has several projects he would like to see completed under his leadership.

It seems both candidates will remain coy for the time being.

Armed and dangerous in Maumelle?

I was driving on Riverland Drive toward Maumelle Boulevard and noticed a home surrounded by Maumelle and North Little Rock police officers, complete with automatic rifles aimed at a residence. Moments later a Code Red Alert was received by Maumellians, including me:

“Message from City of Maumelle. NLRPD is searching for an armed Hispanic male who fled on foot toward the CC of Ark. Blue and gray plaid shirt, brown shorts. Call 911 immediately if seen.”

When I drove back past the scene about 20 minutes later, the police were gone but there was still a television crew on the scene. They told me the call about the house was a false alarm.

I spoke with Maumelle Police Chief Sam Williams, who told me one of the neighbors (who was aware of the suspect on the loose) had called in and said they had seen a man in the backyard of the home. No one was in the home when the police arrived.

The North Little Rock Police Department confirms that they were helping to serve a warrant on a suspect near the Wal-Mart store on Maumelle Boulevard when the suspect fled. He was later apprehended near the Links Apartments near Wal-Mart.

Glad we have those officers out there.

How can we work on our boats?

One reader had this to say about the boat and trailer ordinance: “I agree more flexibility should be given to boat and trailer owners who need to use their driveways for their use. (We after all do own our driveways or am I mistaken?). I am a retiree and love to fish and hunt during weekdays but often fearful of a citation if I pull my boat or 4-wheeler out into driveway during the week. Once I received a sticker about 10 minutes after I had pulled my boat out to go fishing. Ouch!!! Gotta be a better way.”

I think that illustrates the comical adventures of the roving sticker man. Since the City Council didn’t seem to have a solution to this inflexible, silly ordinance, I’ll offer mine: Issue color-coded maintenance stickers that are valid for two days. Pick it up at the code office and stick it on your boat or trailer. The code office will record your application for a 48-hour grace period or something like that. Then, if the sticker man catches you with an expired sticker, you’re stuck. Can’t be that hard.

United we fall

We are a country divided on racial issues, gun control, immigration, etc., but one thing on which we can all agree is that the Hogs football season doesn’t look too promising, and in a weird way that unites us under a negative battle cry.

I don’t look forward to this Saturday as we face another Top 25-ranked team in the form of Auburn. Each successive loss will make the cries to the hills even louder. All we have to do is pay current coach Bret Bielema a mere $14 million — or maybe it’s $5 million — to find a new savior. And then we begin the rebuilding process. Again.

Bring on basketball.

Hopkins appointed to commission

Angela “Angie” Hopkins of Maumelle has been appointed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson to the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission. The Commission is charged to investigate and take disciplinary action or, in the most serious cases, recommend to the Arkansas Supreme Court that it impose discipline upon a judge whose actions are found to be a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct. Mrs. Hopkins is a teacher at Baptist Preparatory High School.

Wetland grant

Correction: Greg Phillips, who was at the City Council meeting two weeks ago, is not an EPA staff member, according to Maumelle Planning and Zoning Director Jim Narey. Phillips is a wetland scientist who works for GBMc & Associates, who serve the city as consultants on the White Oak Bayou project.

Anderson hospitalized

City Council Member Rick Anderson has been hospitalized and will be treated for several weeks. His prognosis is positive and he should be released in a week or so. Rick and his family would appreciate your prayers.

See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore is a public relations and advertising consultant and freelance writer. If you have a community concern, Maumelle news tip or if you’re just irritated about something, contact him at Follow him on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, @kneelmore.