As we approach Christmas, many of us will find what we wanted under the tree, but many of us won’t. It is the emotional roller coaster season of the year. We do too much. We spend too much. We eat too much. We expect too much. But we already have much.

Next year, 2018, will be a big one for Maumelle as we continue to debate the merits of paying a tax for a new entrance. We will elect or re-elect some of our City Council members and Mayor. We have a great city in Maumelle, with most things we want already under the tree. We can be the city we want to be, but it will take people working together and, as always the case in government, there must be compromise.

Remember, most of the things you want can’t be bought.

Maumelle gets Trendsetter shout-out

The city of Maumelle got a couple of nice shout-outs as a Trendsetter City 2017 award winner presented by the publication Arkansas Business. In the category of “Public Safety,” the city received an honorable mention for its Citizen’s Police Academy. The Academy is a seven-week course where citizens learn how the Maumelle Police Department operates. Congratulations Chief Williams and staff.

The City also won an honorable mention in the category of “Tourism” for the new Maumelle Center on the Lake. I’m not sure I understand why it would win for tourism since it is designed for Maumelle citizens of a certain age, but nonetheless, a shining star in the community.

Congratulations to both groups for their outstanding work to help make a better hometown for all of us.

Diabetes, Part 2

Last week I shared with you my struggles with diabetes and asked for readers to send their suggestions on how to fight the beast. I got several notes of encouragement, which I truly appreciate. I received offers to exercise with people; a couple of food suggestions including two book titles but the most interesting of all was a phone app.

When my friend, who is a physician and married to a physician, called me and told me to download the app, “Lose it!,” I thought how in the world could a simple phone app help me lose weight?

First of all, nothing will help you lose weight except yourself. It does help to have family support, but it comes down to what and how much you are willing to put down that pie-hole.

So, I skeptically downloaded the app. Its premise is simple and brilliant. You tell it how much weight you would like to lose over a given period of time and it tells you your calorie budget for the day. As you enter in food items through the day, it keeps track of what you consumed and what you have left. Strangely, for the first four days, I find myself “under budget” for calories allotted. We’ll see what happens on weigh-in day.

Now if I can find a low-calorie wine.

Saying goodbye to many who meant so much

I love “In Memoriams.” Evidently, we all do because they are posted everywhere about his time of year and will be included in most entertainment award shows and news retrospectives.

Although we don’t personally know most of the entertainers or newsmakers who passed on, each had a place in our hearts or at least a space in our significant memories.

Here are few that meant something to me:

• Jim Nabors — bye to Gomer.

• Jerry Lewis — the arrogant comic genius with whom we shared most Labor Days.

• Glen Campbell — that boy from Delight who lit up the music world and made us all real proud.

• Gregg Allman — the other half of the Allman Bros., one of my earliest favorites.

• Don Rickles — the comedian’s comedian.

• Mary Tyler Moore — we all fell in love with her and she changed the role of female actors in television.

• Monty Hall — he made us all want to make a deal.

• Adam West — he was Batman before Batman was cool.

A few Arkansas notables:

• Stanley Russ — the gentleman politician.

• Townsend Wolfe — Mr. Arkansas Arts Center.

• Gary Weir — Arkansas’s Bozo.

• Betty Fowler — everyone’s favorite accompanist.

• Bob Sells — Mr. Public Relations in Arkansas.

• Frank Broyles — the coach.

In Maumelle:

• Roger Frangieh — the publisher of MauMag.

Many more will be mentioned at year’s end and they all have one thing in common: their contributions to our lives, society, and community are indelible.

Merry Christmas, Maumelle. See you on the Boulevard.

Neal Moore is a public relations and advertising consultant and freelance writer. If you have a community concern, Maumelle news tip or if you’re just irritated about something, contact him at Follow him on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, @kneelmore.