The Sherwood Animal Shelter is looking for a few good people.

On Saturday night, July 27, a dachshund was found in front of the Sherwood Animal Shelter, according to Julann Carney, president of Sherwood Animal Shelter Helpers.

“Not on a leash or in a crate, he dragged himself up to an animal control officer leaving the building after a late night emergency call,” said Carney. “Although he had no use of his back legs at all, he is incredibly friendly and has a sweet disposition. He is highly adoptable.”

During a check up at the veterinarian office, it was discovered he has a disc issue common among dachshunds.

“For ‘Mr Wiggles AKA Scooter’ to walk again, he will require back surgery,” she said.

According to Carney, Dr. Nafe was suggested as the veterinarian to perform the surgery.

“Mr. Wiggles a/k/a Scooter will need to be assessed by Dr. Nafe but the approximate cost for this surgery is $5,000,” said Carney.

Sherwood Animal Shelter Helpers, the volunteer organization for Sherwood Animal Shelter, has set up an account at Eagle Bank for Mr. Wiggles and has started a Facebook page to help raise money for the surgery.

It can be found at!/scooterakamrwiggles, she said.

“Drop by any Eagle Bank Branch to make a donation of any amount or mail to SASH — Mr. Wiggles Fund, P.O. Box 6091, Sherwood, AR 72124,” she said.