The members of the Sherwood City Police Department were recently treated to a complimentary lunch courtesy of the Best Western Inn Plus in Sherwood.

The hotel owner said it was the business’ way tof showing the officers how much they are appreciated.

"Basically, the reason we wanted to do this was not only give back to our community, but mainly to show our appreciation for everything that the entire department does for us," said owner Mita Sitariam. "In the six years the hotel has been open, we have probably called them a hand-full of times and they are at the hotel within minutes."

Sitariam said the officers also circle through the parking lot at night to make sure everything is quiet and calm.

"The hotel has made donations numerous times to Fraternal Order of Police, but this time, we wanted to make sure our local officers were personally getting something."

Sitariam said the officers love the Sherwood Pig N Chic Barbecue and so the hotel decided to have the business cater lunch.

"Officers and staff enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad, cookies, drinks, etc.," said Sitariam. "The hotel is considering doing this once quarterly for the officers."