Sherwood is doing a good job cleaning up the city of ugly properties, according to City Code Enforcement Officer Scott Kelley.

Sherwood is not doing a good job cleaning up the city of ugly properties, according to city resident Aniel House, 606 W. Beverly Ave.

Both men expressed that point of view when the Sherwood City Council met during its last regular session in Feb. 25.

Toward the end of the meeting, which was dominated mostly by talk of the council adopting a 4.25 percent franchise fee on Central Arkansas Water, aldermen asked Kelley to come forward update them on the progress his office has been accomplishing on cleaning up Sherwood properties.

"Dilapidated structures are a hot topic," Kelley said.

Kelly updated aldermen on dilapidated structures dealt with in 2012.

"We have had a number of structures just this past year," Kelley said.

Following Kelley’s presentation, House got up and said a house that he can see from his backyard, 509 Beverly, has been in a dilapidated condition for 12 years and the city has not yet dealt with the problem.

"I know the city has limited resources but we have been facing it for 12 years and I hate to be told, ‘Let’s wait a little longer because of limited resources.’ I hate to see this older part of Sherwood fall apart."

House said he wants to see the older part of Sherwood remain viable.

Kelley said the Beverly property remains on his list to address.

The council also dealt with other property issues during the regular session.

Alderman discussed a proposed resolution to condemn 8811 Barber St. at the request of Kelley’s office.

Alderman Ken Keplinger said he has gone through the structure and found it full of mold.

Property owner David Burrus approached the council and asked the council not to condemn it because he has been done a lot of work to restore it.

Kelley told aldermen Burrus has done a lot of restoration work on the property. He told them he needed more time to finish the job.

Kelley said he wanted the council to adopt the condemnation resolution but he wouldn’t’ want it enforced unless Burrus stopped doing restoration work for a few weeks.

"You understand, Mr. Burrus, that if Mr. Kelley doesn’t see any work being done on your property for a few weeks he will post the notice of condemnation on the door?" McMinn asked Burrus, who acknowledged the alderman was correct.