New student registration for the Pulaski County Special School District is Jan. 27 through Feb. 7.

Those who must register are pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students and those new to the district. This year, due to desegregation requirement changes, there will be no magnet school or Majority-to-Minority (M-to-M) applications accepted. Students currently attending a school on a magnet or M-to-M permit will be able to remain at that school.

According to the district’s spokesperson, Deborah Roush, "Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and elementary students register at their zoned school. Secondary students register at regional hub locations."

Those addresses are listed below. Roush said.

The county district has approximately 18,000 students in 37 schools throughout North Little Rock, Little Rock, Maumelle, Sherwood, Jacksonville and rural Pulaski County that offer an array of programs.

"We are proud of the recent improvements we have made to our facilities, and encourage families to visit our schools to see upgrades to technology, media centers and classrooms," she added. "Our schools have teachers with upper-level degrees including national board certifications, award-winning fine arts programs, a diverse choice of team sports and exciting clubs and organizations that help build well-rounded students."

She said the district also offers pre-kindergarten and extended-day programs.

To register a student, Roush said parents or guardians need to present proper identification, which includes a birth certificate or a registrar statement, baptismal certificate, passport, affidavit or military identification, along with immunization records and social security card.

Proof of residence is also necessary, which requires a current utility bill (gas, water or electric), a Little Rock Air Force Base housing verification form, home purchase closing papers or lease agreement.

Pre-k requires additional documentation for enrollment. Please contact Adkins Pre-k School at 982-3117 for more information.

For more information about the district schools, you may call the Division of Equity and Pupil Services at 234-2020 or 234-2021.

Hub locations

Northwood Middle School, North Pulaski High School, Jacksonville and Sylvan Hills middle and high school students register at Sylvan Hills Middle School, 10001 Johnson St., Sherwood.

Robinson and Maumelle middle and high school students register at Maumelle High School, 100 Victory Lane, Maumelle.

Fuller Middle School and Mills University Studies High School students register at the District office, 925 East Dixon Road, Little Rock.