The city of Sherwood will soon be opening the second annual Farmers Market, according to Betty Barnhardt, executive director of Keep Sherwood Beautiful.

Keep Sherwood Beautiful was appointed last year by the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce to manage the operations of the market.

The 2013 Farmers Market will open on May 9 and run through June 27.

“It will again be each Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. so please mark your calendars.” Barnhardt said.

The cost for venders will be $10 to maintain a booth.

“We fortunately are able to use the same area we used last year – North Hills Blvd and Country Club Road in Sherwood,” Barnhardt said. “We are looking forward to hearing from all our vendors from last year and news ones.”

Last year, Sherwood held its first Farmers Market on June 7 that brought out hundreds of shoppers and pedestrians and a dozen vendors.

“We were very pleased with the results of the first Farmers market,” Kelly Coughlin, Sherwood’s director of economic development, said.

Coughlin said she has judged the first one a success based on her experience with startup Farmers markets in other towns.

Coughlin was instrumental in helping get the Sherwood Farmers Market started last year.

Several years ago, Coughlin led the effort to get one started in Cabot.

“The first year we had only two vendors,” Coughlin said, speaking of the Cabot market. “Now they have 35.”

In 2012, holding the Sherwood event on a Thursday proved helpful to vendors, which was a major reason they came to town.

Marcia Cook, Sherwood Chamber of Commerce’s executive director, agreed with Coughlin’s assessment and judged the first Farmers market in the city a success.

Both Cook and Coughlin said it was nice seeing shoppers and pedestrians spend time in Sherwood, who were not all from the city.

“I saw a lot of people from North Little Rock, which is great,” Cook said.

Coughlin said the event helps businesses because people are spending their disposable income here.

Coughlin and Cook said they were also pleased with the variety of vendors at the first 2012 market, including a honey salesman, fruit/vegetable stand, and coffee display.

One popular seller offered blueberries that were provided by Barnhill Farms located outside of Cabot.

Steve Cobb, the 2012 president of the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, Cobb said last year marked the first time Sherwood has had a Farmers Market, which he judged as a tremendous success.

Cobb also worked to get the 2012 Farmers Market organized and brought the idea to the Sherwood City Council that opted to support his plan.