The Sherwood History and Heritage Committee has just published the first-ever Sherwood history brochures. One brochure is about the timeline history of Sherwood and the surrounding area from 1820-2013, and the other is of the history of the Roundtop Filling Station.

Free copies of both brochures are now available at the following locations in Sherwood:

• City Clerk’s Office in City Hall, #2199 East Kiehl Avenue

• Jack Evans Senior Citizens Center, #2301 Thornhill Drive

• CALS Amy Sanders Branch Library, #31 Shelby Drive

• Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, #295 West Kiehl Avenue

• Sherwood Public Library, #510 Sherwood Avenue

• National Bank of Arkansas, #9400 Highway 107

If you would like copies of the brochures via mail, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Darrell W. Brown, Sherwood History & Heritage Committee, P.O. Box 6256, Sherwood, Arkansas 72124.