The year 2013 was a very busy year for the city of Sherwood, according to Mayor Virginia Hillman.

Hillman’s comments came on Jan. 27 during the last session of the Sherwood City Council.

"We started off the year with the many challenges of snow and ice," Hillman said. "We were able to recover in a reasonable amount of time."

Sherwood also celebrated its 65th birthday as an incorporated city with a huge birthday party.

"The event also recognized the heritage of our city with the participation of some Sherwood residents who helped lead the charge of the incorporation and establishment of our city," she said.

The event was held at the Sherwood Senior Citizens Center and was capacity crowd.

The Jack Evans Senior Citizens Center continues to be one of the shining lights of Sherwood.

"Our Senior Center did a great job of assisting with the needs and providing activities for our senior community," Hillman said. "Wellness checks, AARP driving classes, computer classes, along with many activities including bingo, Bunco, and aerobics were made available. Meals on Wheels provided more than 10,000 meals to our residents."

Hillman said many residents benefited from transportation to both doctor visits and to the grocery store.

"A motor coach trip to New York was a highlight. The bean bag baseball team has become quite competitive," added Hillman.

For the first time in the history of the Department of Animal Services, 100 percent of adoptable pets were placed with new families.

"The Department is entering its 14th consecutive month without the need to euthanize adoptable pets," Hillman said. Employees received training from "A Veteran’s Best Friend Ministry" so that staff could recognize potential candidates for training as service dogs for Veterans with PTSD, Hillman said.

"The department sponsored the annul Pet Fair and Fun Raiser," she said. "The funds raised from the event will go towards the purchase of a mobile adoption unit. The department continues to look for new opportunities to attend community events. The community awareness and support for our animals continue to increase."

The Computer Services Department continued to maintain operations for the 200-plus computers and servers, switches, printers and other devices as well as provided help-desk support for all departments within the city. In addition, the Computer Services Department has developed, maintained, and enhanced many in-house written applications.

Hillman spoke of several accomplishments during 2013, including the upgrading of the city’s network infrastructure with new faster switches and the replacement of two aging servers. Computer Services has also made significant progress upgrading desktop computers from Windows XP to Windows 7.

The Planning and permit staff saw an increase in Planning Commission cases in 2013.

"Permits for new construction for residential and commercial buildings were up for the third year in a row," Hillman said. "The overall value of construction permits decreased from approximately $42,781,030 in 2012 to approximately $35,124,209.34 in 2013."

The Wastewater Department is continuing the extensive evaluation of the sanitary sewer system that began in 2009. "All manholes have been visually inspected and all of the collection system has been smoke tested and inspected via close circuit televising where necessary," Hillman said. "A rehabilitation plan for the sanitary sewer system has been developed and over 25,000 linear feet of defective sewer mains have been repaired and/or replaced. The remainder of the system, approximately 11,500 linear feet, will be completed this year."

The same is true of the manholes. Approximately 700 leaking manholes have been rehabilitated, with an additional 160 to be completed this year, said Hillman.

"This is being funded through the sales tax fund," she said. "When the study and all improvements are complete, sanitary sewer overflows should be greatly reduced. The Wastewater Department is also making substantial improvements to the North Wastewater Treatment Plant."